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Physics solves a problem to want to capture 3 crucial link
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We come to specific introducing below these 3 crucial link:

1, identify physical phenomenon. The process that identifies physical elephant is to be in understand adequately, on the foundation that understanding title character narrates, hold the clue solving a problem that already gave, form specific issue scene roughly physical outline, and make the process of preliminary judgement to seeing the way of the problem. Identify physical phenomenon to include to understanding is inscribed and study fast geography to dismiss problem idea certainly, must capture the crucial words and expressions in the title, find out foregone condition and place to seek the relationship between physical quantity, drawing a draft to help understanding problem desire when necessary. Affirmatory research target is the physical condition analysis that gives thematic place actually the process of the influencing factor that studies a target to study the object is mixed.

2, analytic physics process. Physical process is to point to process of the physical model motion in physical environment, change. Analytic physics process includes qualitative analysis and ration to analyse two respects. Qualitative analysis is the property that holds campaign from qualitative respect, characteristic, find out substaintial characteristic of motion, eliminate to be not the interference of essential feature, build the model of physical process. Quantitative analysis is to point to use physical formula, find out physical quantity to concern in each ration in the process, should find out especially manage especially the condition of the identical physical quantity in the process, indeclinable physical quantity and critical condition.

3, apply mathematical knowledge to solve a problem. The process that uses mathematical knowledge is a problem of maths of physical problem translate into, can express the following now 3 respects.

(1) concern through seeking an amount, add mensurable element to physical model; (2) will express physical quantity with the symbol, make the symbol becomes the carrier of physical content thereby, change complex thing code; (3) list according to physical rule the relation between the physical quantity in the problem, the maths that realizes physical process is changed.

After should stating the mathematical expression between physical quantity is listed, should apply mathematical knowledge to demand a result well and truly, should notice to improve the efficiency that solve a problem.

(Take an examination is small stick person: When solving physics to be inscribed greatly, draw up according to the title as far as possible relevant formula. Relation of formulary, rule, maths made clear, physical prospect also understood, with respect to the likelihood ground of success will come when conditions are ripe demands a result.

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