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The fundamental method of good memory
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Logarithm word feels cheesed person, if card games likes on the west,very quick meeting calculates time. Do not have the person of any recall with deep emotion to person name, often be opposite however the able to read aloud fluently of name the sound of reading aloud of star. And a lot of students are fed up with remember French word, but they however can very fluently French popularity song.

The thing that we care to oneself, often can be without difficulty remember. Accordingly, pupil can will go to school of the toy that sees in road call-over write down as clear as dayly, more active besides the cerebral ministry activity because of children outside, more important is they were full of curiosity to the thing. Contrary, one drives the person that the bus commutes everyday, do not have the impression of a bit however to the vista outside the window, this was not holding interesting affection in the arms to admire because of him namely. Accordingly, memorial precondition depends on arousing interest.

The Texas has an elementary school of kind of particularly open mode, they cancelled school year to make, change one's costume or dress the wall of the classroom into the device that can move freely. Some places, have even desk even need not, the think of a way that allows children him according to completely goes planning to read course. Execute the result of this kind of method, make reasonable solution and the ability that remember a respect raised children a lot of.

Interest is memorial fountainhead admittedly, but, want a course that is fed up with to him to produce interest, also not be an easy thing. Encounter this kind of situation, can mix the teacher that holds the position of this division, or particularly outstanding to this course result student talks, because they had had a certain number of year study a result, sure have very strong interest to this course. From inside each other talk, probable meeting discovers his unwary to this course place, the interest that can cause oneself to look to this division even. Although this is the interest of little merely, but it is just like snowball general, can make your curious be about to increase ceaselessly, help your abundantly absorb knowledge then, increase memory.

What we pass to looking is operatic, the story clue that often can forget, but, the impression of act of the some in drama, often remember however in the depth of brain careful. For example I had looked in one's childhood " 10 commandment " , among them seawater of Mosaic raise handgrip becomes a narrow to apart, lead the scene that Ling Zimin overshoots next, up to now still clearly is in eye. Although of complete theatrical work already wrote down not clear, however, this appearance is possible however clear all the time brand is in brain. This kind of memory is probable because see so grand occasion just is caused for the first time,be!

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