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Choice title is done to want to control rhythm when science department takes an
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What should emphasize here is, the choice title of science department examination paper is not done too quickly, control good rhythm.

For example: The vivid 沷 sex that nitrogen, phosphor, silicon judges 3 kinds of simple substance is ordinal, nitrogen is in front, phosphor and silicon are later, the classmate becomes these subjects of 80% consider as right. Will tell from metalloid sex, nitrogen is the vividdest 沷, phosphor and silicon are later, the metalloid sex of the vivid 沷 sex that what ask now is simple substance and element is two different matters. Because azotic structure has ternary key, simple substance is especially other and so stable, vivid 沷 sex is the poorest.

Some classmates did not think of the stability of nitrogen, it is likely those who do is fast, think of elemental respect to go, this is thinking decides the issue of situation. Do slowly only, ability overcomes thinking calm situation.

Still have, although be choice title, but important is not to be in " choose " , not be to look at option to carry. Want the habit of nurturance derivation, master a process, should knowing is " because be what kind of, just be so how " . When if become physical subject,the choice is inscribed, do not want an easily experience of life to be covered toward physical problem, should use physical rule to be done toward physical problem. Choosing a topic is done, not be to single out come.

Although choice title wants than computational problem a few simpler, but also cannot treat sth lightly, the score that remembers taking this must be taken in one's hand.

Take an examination is small stick person:

When doing a choice to inscribe, should notice to hold key word term. Objective problem nods check to differentiate very finely to knowledge, accordingly, careful is inscribed must particularly meticulous, a few decisive word words, such as: All, at least, certain, often, sometimes, optimal etc, distinguish in the option that often can be opposite it seems that from a few a key that should pick, dan Reshao has neglect, can cause an error.

Objective problem is when careful problem, the key word that can do in the problem draws a line below the word, determine option next again by the requirement, can reduce wrong happening so.

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