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How can ability raise comprehensive solution inscribe ability?
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Raise comprehensive solution to inscribe ability

Most school besides have period medium, period end and comprehensive examination, learning some paragraphic or some a few paragraphic hind, can follow hall take an examination ofing once. Why should put these two kinds of examination paper together say? Because be in the process of study,this is, paragraphic exam gets tall cent, the phenomenon that comprehensive examination is no good however is quite common.

So, how can you just rise " does comprehensive solution inscribe ability " ? Built at 2 o'clock below meaning need to notice:

1, should be not Changshu to onefold knowledge dot. With respect to science department character, onefold knowledge nods some, these the its condition to it, applicable limits, result that it can reach, results are met in what computation use, want to be clear about in our heart. Deng classmate says: "Become integrated problem, these onefold knowledge dots resemble the scattered tool in kit, you try solution this problem, retrieving what tool ceaselessly namely applicable, if discharge their classification, you are OK have words, your retrieval speed can be accelerated; They already ground profit like every, integrated problem is combining the be readily solved below the tool. Contrary, if you call each knowledge,dot or formula resemble solving a difficult problem to you, or some tools cannot be found at a draught (on examination room insecurity is mixed forget regular meeting to make you forget not ripe formula temporarily) , you can hope the problem is promoted only sighed. You can hope the problem is promoted only sighed..

2, the integrated problem that should be good at summary been do, reason is clear its train of thought.

The method of manage clear thinking we can generalize with a word: "Ask what thinks, be short of what to look for. " reflection specific and ordinal cent plants: Pushing, go against push, both ends is pushed. That is to say, want to find the train of thought that solves a problem, we are OK from conditional proceed with, from conclusion proceed with, perhaps beg from condition and place at the same time proceed with.

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