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How to summarize the law from inside complex problem?
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The intellectual point of study must master through doing exercise in school work, but this is not meant become a problem blindly, want to specific aim ground becomes a problem however. Much exercise in school work can help you discover from already mistake. Be aimed at complex problem, if have scroll type review repeatedly, we can eliminate these errors one by one.

Visible, err the problem is not terrible, important is you want to find a reason from inside the mistake, summarize the law.

"For instance, the more than 3 spring that teaching material introduction spends are theorematic, there is process of a few derivations on the book, the cosine value that conclusion is a horn is equal to the product that two Yu Xian outside fastening are worth. When just beginning to learn, feel this him method masters, but become a problem later or have fault, because did not master neatly. Through becoming a problem in great quantities, I am sent when the teacher gives this respect to inscribe now, query kind is particularly interesting, how much is the cosine value that thematic classics regular meeting asks you certain part, how much is the cosine value that I did what the last question asks a lot of themes is certain horn, I can think of more than 3 bowstring are theorematic immediately. The problem been establishinging the method that when asking, hints you solve a problem. The problem been establishinging the method that when asking, hints you solve a problem..

Such, through complex problem analytic law can sum up a rule giving a title and answering question method, it is maths not just, this is learning other headings in an account book to go up very helpful.

(study is small stick person: Prepare a complex problem this, include the problem of the err in practicing at ordinary times title and mistake because of,wish, if be necessary, still can be opposite truly train of thought undertakes a few Baconian arrange. )

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