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Study English wants facial feature and use
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Study English wants facial feature and use

When studying other headings in an account book, the possibility that everybody uses at most is hand and ear, in study of Dan Zaiying language, facial features is met with ability effective.

So specific be how do? Kang Jing's classmate did specific specification to us:

Take a phonic text version, I can undertake 5 times audition commonly sound. The first undertake audition sound do not watch text version. The 2nd. Write down the thing that already heard oneself, undertake dictate. The 3rd put recording at the same time, contrast at the same time style, look from already the content of place dictate and original text version have meeting difference, should notice especially from already of clerical error and did not listen to the place that come out. The 4th listen to style at the same time. Listen to recording, undertake following reading.

Everybody often feels, a recording should be heard seem very tired. Actually we think carefully, when learning a text, a text sounds recording added up stop listened 5 times, but be in 5 times that among, did we let a text what impression leave in the head again? Often the effect is not quite good. If according to Kang Jing this saying method was done, with one action of true it may be said is much. The process that colloquial; dictate practices at the same time in the process that everybody is practicing audition can discover the flaw of your audition existence, look for the issue with specific already out where to be, next suit the remedy to the case; Be in with read process among, practiced from already speech, dialect, make oneself pronunciation more tend perfect, follow a text to read also can make the text of the article leaves deeper impression in the head.

Remember, learn English special abstain from " lazy " word, 5 canals are used, ability obtains favorable result.

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