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How to increase your memory?
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The idea that raises him memory in daily life is very much actually, important is you should do an an observant and conscientious person that raises your to remember ability, form a habit in any circumstances. If we are OK from begin in 15 points below, the real case that joins self tries to improve and be perfected.

1, calmly. Maintain a kind of state of mind that lets him calmly in daily life and study. More moment are to make his cerebra quiet.

2, the job that adjusts him cerebra and breathing space, let cerebrum get sufficient rest, fatigue meeting reduces the work efficiency of cerebrum.

3, establish the faith with him good memory, remind the thing that oneself must learn constantly, must be certain oneself " can remember certainly " !

4, the method that should learn and finds to suit to increase him memory, together with is necessary and often train retraining, rise again.

5, should maintain pair of worlds to be full of strong interest and interest, interest is the first impetus of memory. Treat oneself to be being wanted to resemble by memorial object " lover " have enough interest euqally.

6, the memory that strong desire and stimulation can promote him.

7, the memory that should build posture of as sharp as cheerful issue to contact in his job and life.

8, the state of mind that lets oneself forever young, the stimulation that maintains a youngster can make him head cell become acumen and young.

9, learn a kind or a variety of observation ability, the observation of acumen can can help us remember.

10, problem of the consideration on the footing that should stand in the other side, in memory especially such. Want boy or girl friend of the memory on the basis that understands adequately.

11, the right head that develops oneself, recall memory to conducing to like visualize.

12, master formulas put into verse or knowledge of memory of a pithy formula, each other not associated memory object makes up formulas put into verse to be helpful for memory.

13, institutional feature remembers skill, find the characteristic that recalls a boy or girl friend, discern give its feature to conduce to memory.

14, the society is arranged and classify, proper dispersive memory (break up the whole into parts) it is good to remember the effect than concentration sometimes.

15, the facial features function that uses person oneself system adequately, move the body each organ is remembered in coordination

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