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A few kinds learn good method ~ of physics
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One, physical study is modular, divide a module in all:

1. To notional understanding, cannot be recited purely. Face a new physical quantity, important is the action in wanting to understand it to be inscribed in real solution.

2. Notional application: After understanding a concept, without what big to its application question. Solving a problem is, want to capture, each word in every problem is to be in your condition, want to answer condition and physical quantity relatively only, take the place of next in corresponding formula, can see a result.

3. Derive

4. Integrated: Of physics individually paragraphic in, besides optical and opposite independence, other is connection is very close, must notice them between before after breathing out, should rise.

2, how to do exercise in school work:

Do exercise in school work especially when science department exercises, must hold quantity and qualitative significance. Basically stress the quality that becomes a problem. "I " never had bought exercise in school work during high school, basically be to finish on the book and after the problem that the teacher gives out, summary gives the train of thought solving a problem of every problem. The process cent that solves a problem is:

1. Analyse physical process: It is process abstraction physical quantity

2. Use maths to come out solution to a problem

3, learn a habit:

1) attend class should serious listen to a talk, as to study method, should be to let learn a method to get used to his, is not to let his get used to others to use good method.

2) when becoming a problem, should think more, raise a question more. "I " the speed that becomes a problem all along very slow, but finish every time after the problem, how do looking reach, look to be able to be drawn lessons from to what having later, achieve the result of draw inferences about other cases from one instance, is not after finishing with respect to ignore and forget. Such, "I " when taking an exam fast, unlike others, to busy derivation goes again when taking an exam.

3) should namely the fault asks namely, discuss an issue with teacher, classmate more, not bashful.

4) review want the ground to be reviewed repeatedly.

5) to reference book, achievement is not too good fellow student, the book with those should search to analytic, summary induces better when buying, and rather than is the sort of pure give out the book of the answer.

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