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Study physical skill and good method
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Physics learns methodological informal discussion

One, a few kinds of methods of observation

1. Watch a way orderly: Have observation by certain order.

2. The feature watchs a way: Have observation according to phenomenal feature.

3. Contrast watchs a way: To around the observation of phenomenon of a few experiments or experimental data undertakes comparative.

4. Watch a way in the round: Have comprehensive observation to the phenomenon, understanding observes the panorama of the object.

2, the analytic method of the process

1. Dissolve process administrative levels: Say commonly, complex physical process is by a certain number of simple " subroutine " form. Accordingly, analyse the basiccest method of physical process, change complex problem arrangement namely, dissolve it those who be many mutual correlation " subroutine " will consider.

2. Ascertain mediacy: Sometimes of level differentiate be not easy thing, phenomenon of physics of decision of indispensible still ascertain arrives from quantitative change the mediacy of qualitative change (or process) the crucial link that analyses physical process correctly.

3. Straighten restrict a relation: The happening that inscribes place a little integratedly to narrate physical phenomenon, development and metabolic process, it is each other depend on each other retains a lot of element, restrict each other " integrated effect " . Want proper analysis, be about of all-around, much angle undertake observation and analysis, grasp the pattern from immanent connection, straighten a relation, seek a means of settlement.

4. Divisional change condition: Physical phenomenon produces progress below certain condition. The condition changed, physical process also is met subsequently and produce change. When analysing a problem, the change of the physical process that because the condition changes,special attention distinguishs and should cause, avoid a form the problem confuse sth with sth else of coessential different.

3, cause and effect analyses a way

1. Distinguish position of cause and effect: There are a lot of physical quantities in physics is defined through ratio. Wait like R=U/R, E=F/q. In method of this kind of definition, be not between physical quantity each other concerns for scale. But the student is in when applying physical formula to handle physical exercises and issue, often do not understand significance of itself of the physical quantity in formula, cent has cause and effect to contact between tittle of not clear where, there is connection of cause and effect between which tittle.

2. Notice cause and effect is corresponding: Any results are caused by stated reason, stated reason produces certain result. Cause and effect often is one to one correspondence, cannot promiscuous.

3. Because abide guides if really, hold fruit all alone because: In the training of physical exercises, undertake from different way with different thinking kind cause and effect is analysed, be helpful for developing much tropism thinking.
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