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How efficient memorial English word
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Can divide the method that recites a word roughly it is two kinds: One kind is traditional mechanical memory, one kind is to commend differ image memory. Of course, this is both not be absolutely repulsion. Traditional machinery recalls a way, include compose word to recall a way, read memory law, remember law, classification to remember law, loop to remember a law to wait in coordination. Compose word remembers what the law analyses a word to make component, differentiate among them root or affix, below the premise that masters root or affix, can comprehend by analogy, put one against ten. The reading that reads memorial law to pass a large number of mixing to relapse namely masters a vocabulary. Remember a law to emphasize hand eye side in coordination a variety of sense organs are used. Classifying memorial law is will same kind belong to or the word of similar meaning differentiates same kind, center recital. Circular memory is grand of basis moxa guest this forget a curve to weave memorial content and plan, in order to achieve the goal that slow down forgets career. Besides, logistic memory law of Li Xuezhi and law of spark type memory (each are big the bookshop has relevant study data) also be common method. Emphasize a kind of method having a few scholastic energy of life alone (namely investigator indulges in oneself academic system, the effective demand that ignores an user) , the reader needs bright examine. If you want to remember a large number of words with traditional method, must want to have enough time, energy and careful plan, produce frustrate move very easily otherwise. Suggest everybody uses auxiliary software to carry on the back, there are a few softwares on the net now very hot (miraculous English Http://www.ee.qjnet.net/ , I love to carry word Http://www.flyenglish.com/ on the back, quick remember especially bring Http://www.mintel.com/) , still have grand of basis moxa guest this of research forget the rule and forget a curve to write, particularly effective to memory, I had been used really pretty good, not only the vocabulary is rich, true person articulates, still illustrative sentence can come true very well associate memory, much stronger than obtaining this book back simply! !

Image memory law agrees with have quite fundamental learner. As a result of homophonic law (Thank You of the 3 = that overcome oil? ) amid held quite significant position, it gets of a lot of lineal teachers censure, say it the student " teach bad " . But, with my personal experience, this is a kind of wonderful method really. Nevertheless, its effect depends on the actor bad of figure code. Many people are making the pretense that figure remembers, lack creativity and imagination again however, rotted the fame of law of this one party. If you can find what Yao Hongen writes " English word figure recalls a way " one book, must grind well read it. I think under the counter, this is a best book that remembers law + word,

The graph recalls a website to have carry out before this book, but sell now, the press because this book gain is small, also reprinted no longer! Nevertheless, common learner according to above measure of tuitional law of traditional mechanical memory undertakes recital, also can the word below take by storm closes!
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