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Affect the cause of achievement of high school maths
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Somebody describes maths so: "The gymnastics of thinking, the scintilla of wisdom " . As the main subject that measures one individual ability, have a special liking to it to classmate of high school great majority from elementary school, threw many time and energy. Enter high school phase however, the person above average of achievement of maths of a lot of elementary school, junior high school, the first fall is grown go up in maths. The cause that creates this kind of appearance is many sided, we listen to Tsinghua university below accessary middle and primary school the teacher of net school enters a dot to talk how to learn high school maths to cut from student learning condition:

One, the reason that achievement of the maths after promoting high school drops

A lot of students learn result in duration of junior high school very good, and achievement of the maths after promoting high school drops quickly, according to its general study position makes clear, the main reason that brings about achievement coast has the following sides:

1. Passivity study

After a lot of classmates enter high school, still resemble junior high school in that way, have very strong dependence psychology, follow the teacher is inertial movement, did not master study to counterpoise actively. If expression is in: Do not make a plan, sit back and wait attends class; Before the class not prepare lessons before class, the content that should attend class to the teacher does not understand; Attend class at mark note and did not hear " way to do sth " , what learn content to wait without true understanding.

2. Learn to be not gotten law

The teacher attends class to want to say the cause and effect of clear knowledge commonly, analyse notional connotation, analyse key difficulty, highlight thoughtway. And one part classmate attends class fail absorption attend a lecture, not complete to the point was not heard or listening, note wrote down a big, the problem also has one pile, class hind cannot consolidate in time again, summary, search the connection between knowledge, just driving writing line of business, problem of turn things upside down, sciolistic to concept, law, formulary, theorem, machinery is imitated, mechanical memorizing; Also some works overtime in the evening, downhearted by day, or it is to attend class to listen far from, oneself do additionally, the result is get half the result with twice the effort, effects is very small.

3. Ignored foundation

A few " find oneself is good " classmate, often despise the study of ABC, basic technical ability and basic method and training, often be to know how to be done calculated, and do not go serious figure is written, but be very interested in difficult problem, with showing oneself " level " , duck very high far, and arrive to work normally or figure is not in the exam making mistake is midway " get stuck " .

4. Further study condition is not had

High school maths and photograph of maths of junior high school are compared, intellectual deepness, range, capacity demand is a leap. This must master ABC and skill adroitly to make good preparation for further study with respect to requirement classmates. High school maths is very much local difficulty big, method demand of capacity of new, analysis is high, some content or teaching material of high junior high school do not tell be out of line content, be like not timely take remedial action, check be short of filling leakage, differentiation is inevitable.
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