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Be born high anew how acclimatization?
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Classmates are about to enter high school, the environment of preliminary understanding campus, the environment that gets used to new campus gradually and new study live, it is a big question. But, still a few classmates get used to new environment harder, want to get used to new environment to need proper time and appropriate method, so, the classmate that believes those get used to new environment harder can get inspiration from inside the method below.
1.not self-confident
You come with what means him look upon is deciding you to whether can get used to new environment as soon as possible, also deciding you to whether can gain a success. Remember: The person that does not believe oneself often can exaggerate of own heart flimsy with uneasiness, the force of exaggerated also other, always feel others compares him strong, better than oneself, cleverer than oneself, happier than oneself, than oneself more welcome getting a person; The person that does not believe oneself often can come look upon world with gray eye, adopting the attitude of negative, suspicion to the world, such person how can Where is acclimatization?
2. has exorbitant hope
Whether are you used Utopian, perfect perfection eye goes expecting new environment. Hope is bigger disappointment is bigger also! The psychology that exceeds you greatly when ideal and actual contrast bears when force, you overbalance.
3.Be enmeshed in the happiness of memory blindly
Incommensurate originate toward contact wish to stay in in the past only, and do not wish to face now with in the future. Actually, suiting also should be to plant accept, accept the past go be not being returned, actual again and again of transitional, future expect hard; Accepting good memory always is brief, bright youth dies namely in an instant; Accept lose ceaselessly also have ceaselessly. Suit to also be meant forget, what forget pair of future even is the brilliant, also forgets the past misfortune that forgets the past, anxious, put all hearts and operation in every minutes of today's every second.
4. has undeserved comparison
Always do not take oneself and others to undertake comparative, the inadequacy that does not take oneself especially compares the advantage of other. Universal one day, the somebody outside the person, total somebody is more beautiful than oneself, cleverer, more welcome getting a person. Remember: Quite to progress! After be like you to be compared with other, those who get is anguish and lose however, then you still are how to be compared with oneself! This ability is correct comparison, real have a trial of strength -- conquer ego!
5. is had with " elder " -- the classmate of high grade or parents, teachers undertake communicating
Ask " elder " people growing experience, listen to their proposal, learn to learn their experience, make oneself little take roundabout way. At the same time this also is the trouble that pours out this, seek help and the big inning that partake.
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