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Face the university entrance exam leisurely
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Angst, insomnia
" expression " :
Want to learn, it is to learn not to go in, very be agitated, in the evening often insomnia.
" analysis " :
Angst, be agitated, , insomnia, these are the performance with too great pressure, these belong to unpleasant mood, similar and irritating, scared, but pitch is not quite strong. In recent years, psychologist had a lot of concerned angst and the research that study effect impact, its conclusion has: 1, appropriate angst can make the person develops highest study efficiency, anxiety cannot obtain favorable result too low or too high. 2, general situation one, at ordinary times the person with not easy and inferior, excited, relatively stable mood wants suspense taller than angst person study efficiency is tall. 3, below the case that there is pressure in study, the person with low angst can improve efficiency, the person with angst tall mood can reduce efficiency. 4, common simpler study can improve efficiency because of having mood pressure, but complex job can reduce efficiency because of having pressure.
" settle way " :
This kind of circumstance falls, want to adjust state of mind above all, use sky beyond time relaxed, when learn, no matter how be agitated, memory is not centered more, want a bit by bit to look, learn is, the place that does not know seeks an opportunity, ask a teacher, arrange a classmate, it is changeover of this kind of pressure a kind of method that exercises him thinking ability, insist to accomplish can say to oneself everyday: "I acquired new thing again today. "I acquired new thing again today..
Insomnia, go up in physiology as pressure reflect, dispute often affects our biology bracelet, the way that settles insomnia is problem of state of mind above all, ancient Rome period, the official can observe those preparation and lion horn fighter can be chosen not general. Actually those horny fighters should face leonine time, how the likelihood is not nervous, don't have pressure how possibly? But the method that they ease pressure is well rest, endeavor to challenge! We are facing the university entrance exam, although do not have so brutal, but, what we should do also is same: Change state of mind, face a challenge.
Of course, the face also has a few little skill here, like a few problems can prepare before sleeping, if sleep to be not worn, flat use this time. Ponder over solution, also can drink bit of milk that calm the nerves, other perhaps and similar provision.
" keyword " :
Bemused, motivation, learn motive
" expression " :
1, the feeling does not have ideal, what to take an examination of to go casually, study power is insufficient.
2, have power, but still learn bad.
" analysis " :
Learning motive is hair pointing to hurried or the psychological driving force that promote study activity. The motive condition of study is affecting the operation result of individual study activity, also affecting the study activity development to individual quality. Consider to think, the efficiency that solves a problem and motive intensity are shown counter U impact, too strong or motive is too weak go against always solve yes. When having motive intensity moderate only, solving always is efficiency is highest.
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