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If a few pairs of life are useful
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1, give others to exceed their expectation, and go very gladly do.
2, the poem that remembers you like.
3, say when you " my love wants to take seriously when your " .
4, say when you " Is am sorry the eye that the other side should look at when " .
5, believe to fall in love at first sight.
6, the dream that does not mock others forever.
7, systemic a person's mind goes loving, you may be harmed, but the only means that this is whole life.
8, when the opinion fails to meet each other, do not want glower look to, also do not want designation path to surname brawl.
9, conversation is OK slow, but thinking wants fast.
10, when the question that asks you when somebody one does not want to reply, want to smiling to ask, "Why do you want to know? "Why do you want to know??
11, remember real love and great success need to risk huge risk.
12, writing down call to mom.
13, " should say when seeing others sneeze Oh, god blesses your " .
14, when you fail, did not forget this lesson.
15, him esteem, esteem others, responsible to oneself behavior.
16, did not let tiff harm great friendship.
17, realize made a mistake, correct instantly.
18, when picking up the telephone, should smile, the other side can feel it from your sound.
19, love to follow her with you (he) talker marriage.
20, the time that spend a dot is in alone.
21, accept a change actively, but the principle that does not violate you.
22, remember sometimes silent it is gold.
23, read a book more, watch TV less.
24, live a kind of good life hard. When you old when memory, you can enjoy it the 2nd times.
25, believe god, but the car that should have locked up you.
26, to the home character, the atmosphere of love is very important. Everything what you should do creates the home of a quiet harmony namely.
27, quarrel with the sweetheart, want consider sth as it stands, do not want bring up old scores again.
28, read should read fully.
29, the earth that is kind to a foot to fall.
30, pray to have clinking power sometimes.
31, flatter also be not interrupted forever when you when others.
32, the investment that cares you.
33, kiss her when you incredibly (he) when the person that does not close an eye.
34, annual, to the place that never has been to before you.
35, if you earned a lot of money, want make the best use of every thing, take the advantage of others of the help when you are living.
36, remember a kind be being couldn't get sometimes also is lucky.
37, institutional regulation is broken next a few.
38, remembering real feeling is not mutual need, be in love with each other however.
39, disposition decides a destiny.

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