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Do not seek ground to fail
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Failure is life in inevitable, face failure, we the manner of a lot of people is or dismay unceasingly, or searchs various reason to serve as the excuse that replaces him absolve. What An Qi wants to tell fellow students is, must not let these excuse make the argument that you fail, such reason can make he gets A only spirit is unfixed like Q. Classmates want to do, use namely " the deathtrap of buy is born after that " the outlet that courage gives him to search a success, only such ability feel successful joyance. Remember forever: "Seek a means to succeed only, do not seek ground to fail. Do not seek ground to fail..
I do not have energy study almost now, look at textbook every time, in the condition that my brains is in a kind completely to won't think. My study result worse and worse, I cannot learn the thing that needs memory more very much, encounter the courage that I did not face difficult problem at all. I am searching myself to appear all the time the reason of this kind of condition. When thinking step aside learns later, my catch a cold catchs a cold, go seeing a doctor to the hospital, the doctor opened several kinds of medicine to me at that time, I ate with respect to all. After-thought rises now, it is the drug that there is head of a few injuries among those medicaments for certain, I am probable be drug poisoning. But after I am checked to the hospital, the doctor says I do not have drug poisoning at all however. Am then I after all how? I always should search the account that drops to study result. An Qi, help me!
Xia Lin of Hunan the Tang Dynasty
An Qi little sign: How is you can think of drug poisoning? After catch a cold catchs a cold, taking medicine is very normal! Look you are seeking ground to your learn achievement worse and worse all the time! You want agog to find the reason that study result drops so, an Qi is understandable, but you had thought, the ground that you seek just is the excuse that you use play truant. What you should consider above all is oneself do not try hard or study a method not quits reason.
Want to know, by internal cause and external cause joint action generation affects a lot of businesses, the reason nature that study result drops is very much also. You say you do not have energy study, what because often wanting to search study, achievement drops is former did not sleep good to become aware consequently, have bit of insomnia so? Do you know, be located in oneself surely at the beginning because of you just about " I cannot remember, I won't be done " condition, learn nature so cannot systemic heart is devoted, study result gets very hard also assuring. Now, what you should do is to face study bravely, positive move cerebra, academic good ask! Believe to pass the effort of period of time, your study result meets what rise somewhat certainly.
My mathematical grade is particularly poor, because I do not like maths,this is not, because my study is not serious,also not be, because way of my mathematical teacher education is too wrong,be really, kill we are completely the mathematical achievement of class classmate is not quite good. I am very anxious now, had gone up second year in high school, time is closer and closer, I am good fear oneself learn hinder sb in the number in the university entrance exam. An Qi, I do not want to take mathematical book at all everyday now, because think of oneself bad maths result I am particularly depressed, return meeting insomnia in the evening occasionally. It how should I run ability is good how should I run ability? Want to combine the classmate on the class to ask to change teacher of a mathematics to the school together really occasionally, perhaps such my maths achievement can have a bit improvement. How should I do?
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