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Bloodcurdling Korea school
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Is army still a jail? Walk into bloodcurdling Korea answer reads unripe school
Line of mark of archives of attune of each province city already became the university entrance exam 2008 finality, volunteer job has ended fill in a form and submit it to the leadership, the university entrance exam is admitted entered program. The another heat problem of the university entrance exam -- answer of the university entrance exam is read warm up with each passing day,
Answer reading is not the social phenomenon with Chinese peculiar education, abroad, especially East Asia country, put in move answer to read heat euqally. It is an inquiry student and teacher with Korea: Why to want answer read? Why so much person answer read? Why must attend Seoul college? What why learn cure is much? The answer is very simple: Obtain employment is difficult. Had popularized higher education by digital computation Korea actually, rate of wool enter a school has exceeded 50 % , but the competition of famous brand university still very intense. We let approach below Korea sees them answer of the university entrance exam reads unripe life.
Arrive from nursery school high school, korea student is experiencing the exam of standardization all the time, until obtain enter university qualification.
There are 300 in this school answer read unripe, they suffer a defeat in the university entrance exam, insecurity answer is read, prepare the university entrance exam of the coming year.
Annual, in student of 600 thousand Korea, the university that because cannot enter place choosing,has the student that has 1/5 about and choice answer is read.
Time of school work and rest is very strict, everyday at 6 o'clock, students are made a noise to wake to read by ring.
After morning exercises and breakfast, about 7:30, students must run quickly to the classroom, begin by force-feed duck.
Answer read students, begin 7:30 from the morning, rest till midnight ability. some answer reads the school, the student of more than 40 % is washed out possibly.
Male woman students are separated each other, do not allow appointment, Tan Lian to love, also do not allow to discuss the issue beyond study even.
At the back of of every classroom, set a few music stand. When students see book tear, can sing in the past, this also is the tweak that prevents student catnap.
The discipline of the school is very strict, students do not allow to read popular magazine, do not allow to get online, do not allow to play game, cannot use a mobile phone even
The teaching method of type of this kind of force-feed duck, although helped Korea bring up economic miracle, but also brought enormous pressure to students
Answer read unripe in also have a talented person, answer read be born to also can study an exceedingly good result, out answer reads the title conferred on the one who came first in the highest imperial examination of 7 unity and coherence in writing that there were 6 provinces 2008 unripe. Out of Number One Scholar answer read be born to there were two people 2007,
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