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Tall 3, how should handle competitive relation?
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The person that send a letter: A classmate
Incoming letter content: These two days meet bit of job, always feel some are peculiar. We are absent when junior high school a class, can be in it seems that stealthily stronger. Arrived high school, we are divided in a class. Tall nowadays 3, we learn together every day. But I always feel something wrong strong. Play basketball with other class for instance, we can happen to coincide go defending same individual, grab backboard to be able to be grabbed, and everything is like is I go grabbing him like the thing that do.
Na Yu's reply --
Classmate: Hello!
You put forward actually how the look upon competition, problem that how faces competition. I am willing to elaborate my view with respect to this problem.
Had you seen on the prairie 10 thousand neigh cry, is what raise hair on the neck of a pig gallops strong scene? Had you seen beast of prey is contention is food, defend feudal and fight closely occasion? This is pick of season of contest of so called content -- the cruelty of nature competes.
Human society also is existing to compete. Although the competition of human society expresses the competition of type of reveal one's true features and nature,expressional form differs somewhat. But, no matter from intense rate of competition and competition the frequency that happen and range look, the competition of human society not at all inferior the competition at afore-mentioned nature. Special be in current the time with this rapid development, intense competition already nowhere is absent.
Nowadays, the consciousness that each estate accepted the society already generally also to compete, people inspects competition to be normal, do not compete for unusual appearance. You look: In competition, yuan Longping invented super paddy; In competition, the nobel prize that Tao Zhexuan of mathematician of foreign citizen of Chinese origin won mathematical group -- award of phenanthrene Er Ci; In competition, yao Ming acquired show of NBA Number One Scholar; In competition, liu Xiang broke world record...
Same, there also is competition in campus. Competition always wants to undertake between adversary, you and classmate " be in it seems that stealthily stronger " it is a very normal phenomenon, need not " always feel something wrong interest " , because the adversary of heft can inspire fight of your each other more, its often cause the try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, situation that fly wing to wing as a result.
God puts you and your match in the two end of balance, make you mutual the value of life of the other side of test and verify, this is God actually give you bestow. Because God was you to establish an adversary, also gave you challenge and surmounted chance at the same time. So, we do not want evasive adversary already, also need not " dark " in stronger, want to admit to compete however, accept a challenge.
Embrace your adversary please with self-confident, open mind.
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