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Take intelligence quotient seriously while not also be indifferent business
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Yang Peng of Chongqing bank employee (alias) go to Germany to assiduously study a doctor, did not obtain doctor's degree evidence, apply for a job frequently after failure, but become to one bazaar bearer.
Bank employee Yang Peng (alias) go to Germany to assiduously study a doctor, did not obtain doctor's degree evidence, apply for a job frequently after failure, become to one bazaar bearer. Yesterday, introduce according to controller of detachment of Chongqing life deliverance, this team already received more than 50 similar deliverer this year. Expert appeal, family and school should pay attention to the quality education beyond achievement.
"I if again such subsist, do not have much great sense really. " yesterday morning, dress imprints have " × × bazaar is carried " the Yang Peng of blue coverall comes to office of Zhu Moli of expert of psychology of life deliverance detachment to pour out. The Yang Peng that wearing thick glasses one face is sad, make a person very difficult rise he and bearer connection.
According to Introduction Zhumoli, this year Yang Peng of 32 years old is some famous college graduate student, to the our city one bank works after. 2004, yang Peng assiduously studies a doctor to Germany at one's own expenses, wait for many sided reason because of the paper, did not take a doctor's degree. After going back to the motherland 2006, be afraid that the colleague mocks, yang Peng resigns the bank works, sought many job in succession, because insufficient or experience is insufficient,all wait, be dismissed by unit of choose and employ persons. By force of bread, he to sanded area one market should rise bearer.
When Yang Peng of Zhu Moli channel, one girl makes phone whine: "Why those people that are inferior to me in the university, mix well than me now? " Mr. Zhu says, girl surname king, was graduated from an our city last year some key university, he Yangpeng is very similar. Mr. Zhu says, impoverished family of country of small king one's previous experience, because achievement is outstanding, boss of one good intention aids financially the university on her, identify her to be " dry daughter " . After Xiaowang graduates, because of applying for a job frequently be rebuffed becomes inactive, finally its " dry dad " also do not wish to manage she. For this, small Wang Shu appeals 10 times to life deliverance detachment, return intentional commit suicide.
Zhu Moli says, in the hundreds person of this detachment deliverance, the person that have the high intelligence quotient of many 50 similar Yang Peng, Xiaowang, average age all is in 1967 years old, serious person should want work to death, suffer from on serious psychological illness. "Cannot experience little blow. "Zhu Moli says, these people are the person that learn the outstanding with outstanding achievement, the condition of family front courtyard of 80% is first-rate, be doted on by family as a child, live carefree life.
Zhu Moli appeals, abound in corporeal condition today, education child should not pay attention to study result only, the condition that still should allow them is business, clever business (mental health) wait for integrated quality advance side by side- do two or more things at once, let them be in the society with fierce competition can classics harships -- high intelligence quotient still wants tall affection business.
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