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Before the university entrance exam how to prepare sprint
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Still have from the university entrance exam closer and closer, for the student that prepares to attend the university entrance exam to each, this paragraph of day is the sprint phase of the university entrance exam. So how to just spend this sprint period can smoothly, efficiently, how to use this paragraph of last time to arouse his potential again a few, how to strive for does horizontal play surpass when the university entrance exam? The main factor that affects the element of achievement of the university entrance exam to have result of what influence exam is foundation of method of the state of mind before the state of mind in the exam, exam, study, study, the memory that gets everybody to pay close attention to fully is discharged only be in 17. And all in these recipe, it is most important to be adjusted in order to study the psychology before. Many experts point out, gao Sannian class is whole basis in teaching a course most most special, sensitive " dissimilation phase " . A lot of student union are in exceeding and flimsy, angst, panicky even condition. The teacher of a key middle school of Beijing, ever held the post of group leader of Gao Sannian class in oneself when, undertook in annual class sampling is analysed, the result makes clear, before checking to be on examination room formally from imitate " the phase that face battle " , the student of 80% appeared to learn or review an obstacle. The teacher in Wang Ming undertakes through measuring watch way the result of the test also makes clear, 90% right-and-left Gao Sanxue is unripe in be in angst condition, even one part student has sufferred from on angst disease. Point out for this expert, it is OK that the psychology before taking an examination of adjusts from 10 respects proceed with: Take state of mind seriously to adjust, treat an exam disease of psychology of prevention and cure, correctly, establish cogent target, society to attribution validly, treat success or failure correctly, have common state of mind, strengthen ego confidence, keep good mood, attention is human and harmonious. Adjust 10 kinds of methods of the psychology before taking an examination of adjust in 10 in the method of the psychology before taking an examination of, enhancing self-confident heart is core. The first, want to often think oneself will be successful, do not think oneself can fail. Want to think more: I succeeded will how, how do I do ability to succeed, need not think I failed how to do; The 2nd, believe oneself have tremendous study potential; The 3rd, from now on, assembly, on a lecture given to a large number of students sits as far as possible in front of; The 4th, exercise soon person; The 5th, the speed that walk is accelerated; The 6th, nurturance is used to actively with what the person talks; The 7th, dress as far as possible decent; The 8th, see a two part allegorical saying, humour more, laugh at a mouth to often leave; The 9th, ego spirit v/arc an admonitory talk to subordinates, the advantage that be recited everyday and reads silently oneself a few times 5 above, impose the sentence that a few ego urge again; The 10th, possible sentence holds to psychological training, can hear the music that enhances self-confident heart. Change fraud guides thinking guides for benefit thinking to tall the angst that 3 examinee often appear, want to adjust acknowledge above all, change fraud guides thinking guides for benefit thinking, alleged fraud guides thinking sees a problem see adverse to oneself factor only namely, and benefit guides thinking sees advantageous to oneself factor only namely. "Means of these two kinds of thinking will give a student bring completely contrary result in examination room " , two classmates answered Jia Yi only in the first phase in the exam the 2nd, 4, 6, 4 8 problems, if be the problem that fraud guides the person accountant of thinking means calculates him to did not answer,be how many minutes, him computation had lost how many minutes, and benefit guides the person of thinking, can calculate oneself had answered how many minutes, such, as the ceaseless development of the exam, the mark that fraud guides the person of thinking can feel he is lost is increasing, can become more and more angst, final likelihood affects exam result, and the cent that benefit guides the person of thinking can feel he is gotten is increasing, the meeting is more and more hopeful, may surpass horizontal play finally. Besides thinking means aspirant travel is adjusted beyond, undertake deep breathing practices everyday even, can adjust angst mood effectively so, additional, if be on examination room,appeared suddenly angst, method him help that also can use deep breathing adjusts a mood.
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