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How to before taking an examination of, adjust
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Often produce such job; Certain learn very good classmate to be defeated very miserably in the exam at ordinary times, and a few learn average fellow student to be developed however at ordinary times outstanding. This kind " an unexpected winner " explode give Chang Lingren to surprised unceasingly. Yi Mai pace (IMAP) potential investigation and research make clear, the mentation of this and examinee is stable about. The examinee with stable psychology whenever the mentation that can keep good. Level is reviewed before taking an examination of, investment of they are nervous and orderly ground fors reference in the activity, not anxious not impetuous, had not felt cent to carry care and fear to coming exam. They are confident to oneself, can try to eliminate with psychokinesis to all sorts of interference. After entering examination room, can accomplish cool-headed, thinking is active, can true the level that shows oneself, surpass horizontal play possibly still even. They can obtain good result or explode an an unexpected winner is not strange also. The examinee with not stable psychology often lies a kind of intense fear, irritating in. Some expression are pair of him confidence inadequacy, the consequence that fails to the exam (if lose face, cop it cop it is scolded) think too much; Some expression are before taking an examination of, endorse desperately, solution problem, day and night, bring about serious insomnia, giddy, want to write down the more cannot remember more. Some expression are feel restless, often ask all round classmate, "How are you reviewed? " if people says " about the same " , remember oneself return difference very far, all the more in the heart is flurried. After entering examination room, these people appear time of for fear that is used not quite, often differ the teacher explains a problem hurried exam paper, result, have alter thematic place, the place of add to the title specification did not hear completely, influence answering question. The problem that encounters difficulty or the problem that did not review good are panic-stricken, the heart says continuously " was over, this fell " . Sometimes, the familiar knowledge when Lian Ping also was unable to call to mind. The examinee that can say psychology is not stable is he defeated oneself actually. Here, we also can see psychology is adjusted (the purpose is to make him psychology stable) importance. 3 kinds of methods introduce to adjust his to optimal exam condition below: 1, the exam is him nevertheless of actual level show in heart of average fellow student, of exercise and exam " specific gravity " it is different. Feigned course of study loosens gently, without pressure, and when the exam if face archenemy, feel intense fear. Actually, work and take an exam and distinguish without what essence, it is for the circumstance of examination control knowledge. What what differ is, can discuss when exercise, without rigid time limitation, and exam requirement asks when demarcate inside finish independently. Such place already. We can allude ourselves: "The exam does not cross be actual to me level to examine, if I mastered, hold the post of him how to be taken an examination of, of He Ju have? If I did not master, what to fear to have to use again? " think so, can have calm effect. 2, say to oneself: "I can go "   confidence and courage are having your person uncannily boldness. Same a person, devoid confidence is confident still, its are behaved and be very different as a result. The psychology before taking an examination of is as similar as this also to the influence of the exam. Psychology considers to make clear, once the shadow of this kind of scared uneasiness is full of in the person's brain, the functional nature of brains is met sink is confused, cannot make objective correct judgement to the thing. Before taking an exam so, want to want to be sure to check good qualification more. The heart that yields good success resembles float oneself brain is medium now, be certain I learn solidly at ordinary times, review methodological correct, can have taken an examination of certainly. Can make cerebrum presents good position in the exam so, be helpful for mental good play. 3, the conserce strength and store up energy before taking an examination of conduces to psychological stability causing examinee the reason of scared to exam insecurity psychology besides psychological element, still concern with the constitution of the person that consult, before the exam review overly nervously, do problem, recital in great quantities, stay up late, hard to avoid is caused mental with physical strength exceeding exhaustion, cause all sorts of disease, wait like neurasthenic, dazed, insomnia, tired, lack of power, stomach-ache, these disease are OK aggravate is scared to the insecurity of the exam, weaken the confidence to the exam, bring about after taking examination paper, lightheaded, heartbeat is accelerated, brothers shakes, give cold sweat to faint even. Want to prevent this kind of situation, must notice the conserce strength and store up energy before the exam, face take an examination of review mediumly a few days ago cannot excessive exhaustion, assure the sports activity of a hour everyday, the Morpheus of 8 hours, want to strengthen nutrition at the same time, make oneself energetic, be inspired with enthusiasm the ground throws an exam. Overcome nervous and scared psychology, besides using 3 kinds of afore-mentioned methods, still can undertake at ordinary times a few adjust the training of brain function, sit quietly is loosened, massage life-giving.
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