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Bound of this age of Chinese the university entrance exam sighs with emotion
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Let a student bear enormous pressure, also offerred " rigid " the enter a higher school with the most large-scale whole world of fair competition chance takes an exam, be performed in China again and respond to a curtain call, light take an examination ofing is born with 9.5 million person, be equivalent to a medium country of European. It is China for certain at present the equalest competition arena, but calendar year will be opposite domestic and internationally its criticism is extremely sharp however. Whole world understanding and the person that do not know China think such the university entrance exam is too beyond the mark, but neither one person can tell us explicitly, below Chinese reality, besides such the university entrance exam, we can assure to teach the justice of resource allocation with what method. Chinese the university entrance exam too dynamic, it from a very special angle, revealing contemporary China to the world. Chinese the university entrance exam with " brutal " famed belong to a shallow-layer to a lot of criticism of Chinese the university entrance exam do not understand, for instance, the first feeling of a lot of foreigners is " brutal " , because of so intense competition they had not seen in the past. Ginger of professor of director of division of industrial and commercial management of China of university of Korea Qing Xi is cultivated greatly feeling ground says: "I had read the university entrance exam in China, resemble simply ' war ' . " associated press will carry an extremely negative case on June 7, depict Chinese examinee to be before the university entrance exam susceptive is tremendous pressure, caption is shocking: " commit suicide: The pressure of Chinese student indicates " . Often listen to Chinese classmate to speak of the life of the class hour in them from the Aileina that Venezuela comes to Beijing study abroad, feel " too painstaking " . In Venezuela, a lot of people arrive from nursery school high school is to be in same place school to go up, among need not enter a higher school takes an exam. There also is a national exam that applies for a college after high school graduates, but normally they are this exam to prepare with the time that is less than half an year only. Egypt loves endowment Aqici of director of Department of Chinese Language and Literature of haing Er university tells a reporter, with China student comparing rises, egypt student is too happy. They do not have system of the university entrance exam, theoretic any high school student can attend a college, should pass only in high school the unified exam of last semester; If had been not connected, still have make-up examination opportunity 3 times, or else aid is OK also attend a few poorer college. Introduce according to official of American Ministry of Education, the United States also does not have unified the university entrance exam, only a whole nation's uniform standard checks SAT, this exam can attend in the class hour in going up, and can take an examination of one year 7 times, result with student him the most satisfactory alternative sends an university. On SAT examination room of the United States, see less than resembling China in that way the nervous atmosphere that smoke of gunpowder diffuses. A resident United States rests mother of foreign citizen of Chinese origin said when accepting media to interview a few days ago, when her daughter attends SAT to take an exam, how to sign up, how to prepare, even her where weather played an exam, "What I do a mother this is essential do not know! "   but, a Chinese scholar of Ceng Liuxue United States does not feel such difference is worth to make a fuss of. Because there is apple-pie exam system on the world, pressure became great can appear admittedly a few problems, but pressure and success often become direct ratio. Consider the strength of ABC, chinese student is overall and character is the most outstanding on the world undoubtedly, student of United States flower looks at its a person's back hard. As to Venezuela, Egypt in that way country, their student level cannot be compared with Chinese student photograph more.
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