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Foster " problem children " 10 great secret of success
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Foster " problem children " 10 great secret of success
The child that 10 great secret of success can make normal below is become quickly " problem children " , ask each parent check the number to enter.
One, do not praise forever he. No matter he has what advantage, no matter how this good point is fine.
2, deny forever person is not critical thing. The child makes a mistake " investigate " , this is not fault of a thing, however this child was over, the mistake that the child ever had made is recited entirely, make conclusions sturdily: In the future, male it is pilfer surely, female it is prostitute surely!
3, believe fist forever. Bludgeon gives a dutiful son, and oneself child, hit a fault also never mind.
4, the error that does not correct oneself forever. Not only do not change, do not admit forever, capture on the spot do not admit, urgent glare.
5, do not communicate with the child forever. What does the child know? Communicate also do not have, I know!
6, forever be used to is worn the child. Want what to give, the child should be a principle, without other principle.
7, do not let child labor forever. Oneself were sufferred from, want to make the child grown in sweet jar. The everybody of this society wants to become this child in the future childe!
8, forever before children husband and wife quarrels. What scolds, scold not vent one's hate pulls arm! Want the range before the child of course, let the child make known his position to who support even.
9, remember child pressure forever. Let the child know him forever / she owes parents, do not let child relax one's efforts.
10, everything what arrange good child forever, do not discuss with the child. Can parents still kill the child? It is good to the child is enjoyed simply and be subject to.

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