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Teacher of Japanese nursery school is told so " quality "
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In many adolescent the home that even lacks enough sex to teach, how to undertake to the dot with nursery school really cherubic those day inchoate sex teachs more make a person spellbound: What do they need to know? How to say they just can understand? Respecting which one pace is talent suitable? ...

This moment, the way that sees others perhaps is to us one kind is inspired, learn clean body

Place: Area of 1000 acting cropland establishs Tokyo child-care centre of meal cropland bridge

"Too marvellous, make a person glad really! " nursery governess soft tone is being encouraged cross pouring water implement on the girl of pee.

In this child-care centre, the child begins to undertake use partly from 1 year old implement training. In child appropriative toilet, putting a big strong water implement. The child one start going to a nursery trains with respect to what stare at a person through nursery governess person, study uses the method of the toilet correctly. The sexual education of cheeper also was accompanying clean body to begin.

Clean body includes: The cleanness of the use method of toilet paper, method that brushs the buttock, underwear. For instance, after the girl brushs the buttock to must be gone to once upon a time, brush, and can do anything but turned over, can cause the inflammation of sexual organs otherwise; The boy cannot feel chickling chicken with the hand that just had played a toy, lest " harm " this " the most important place " ; Nursery governess often still reminds parents to want to change underwear frequently for the child, it is those boys especially, because sordid underwear causes their sexual dysfunction in the future likely.

Understand the origin of life

Place: Area of Tokyo new constellation establishs form sediment bridge the first nursery school

"Talk about the name of pitted child to everybody today. Do you know ' hemp ' do this cultivate substance? ... "

"This is nursery school a camera lens when spending birthday to the child that month. The teacher is contacted with the child's parents beforehand, enquire the origin of the name, the photograph since still borrowing the child to be born oneself is exhibited on the class, the mother that asks the child writes a letter to talk about the circumstance when the child is born, recite in public in the class: "Extremely painful when unripe child, if dead likelihood is compared,think this endure hardships is less at that time... "

With us some parents hold the belly-worship that do to buy the birthday of the gift to be able to differ greatly to the child, the purpose of a series of this birthday activities is the origin that lets the child know life, know be born to be mixed with the hardships that grow happy. Japanese is certain, the child knows to respect life as a child, the conduct of aberrance is made with respect to very few meeting after be brought up. And in infancy, spend birthday through be children, teach them to breed move the activity such as the plant, can let them be in simple mix amazedly life of the understanding in touching, it is education life valued superexcellent opportunity.
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