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Of each country " bear hardships " education
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The society competes, it is the argue of knowledge and intelligence merely anything but, more argue that are volition and perseverance. Without the spirit that bear hardships and ability, be impossible to win victory in intense competition. Each country parent takes what rear the child as a child seriously generally to provide for oneself ability and bear hardships spirit.

A few cities establish south of American United States the school lives independently to train a student and the society gets used to ability, special provision: "The student must not take a single cent or penny, fend independently a week, just can give graduation. " the condition appears slashing, but make however students benefit bandit is shallow. The parent supports this activity with all one's strength, neither one " hinder sb " , " get in by the back door " , " get petty action " .

American high school student has a catchword: "Want to spend money, oneself are earned. " American child no matter in the home how rich, 12 years old can help neighbour later or parents cuts grass, send a telegram, earn pocket money. Jenny of 4 years old should go every Saturday cafeteria works, the mother tells her, you can be complete in the home side mom works, can get pay all the same. Dan Zhanni feels the money that earns him mother in the home is not skill, she must go out make money will state oneself have free-standing capacity.

German parent never monopolizes the issue that replaces the child. Law returns a regulation, the child is about to assume a few obligation in the home to 14 years old, if give a person shoeshine,wait. Such doing, it is to develop labor ability of the child not only, the social obligation that also is helpful for rearing the child feels.

Japan teachs the child to have a famous remark: Besides sunshine and air be nature bestow, other everything should pass labor to obtain. A lot of Japan students go out in after school time labor earns money, the work-study program in the undergraduate is very general. They rely on in restaurant to carry tray, wash a bowl, in shop sell goods, the old person is patronized in beadhouse, do tutor to wait will earn the tuition that takes oneself. It is when the child is very small, parents engrafts to them a kind of thought: "Do not give others incommode. " the family goes out journey, no matter how small child should not have an other place to carry a satchel on the back. "Oneself thing should oneself will carry on the back. "Oneself thing should oneself will carry on the back..

Canada is in to rear the child the viability in prospective society, the parent can train the child to learn independent life conciously. It is in home of a reporter of Canadian, two go up the child of elementary school should go each every morning each send paper. Look at ground of child in spirits to issue paper, that father that becomes a journalist feels very proud: "Newspaper of cent so much is not easy, early has to get up, no matter blow,rain to want to send, but children had never been delayed. But children had never been delayed..
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