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British child extensive grows
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On British ave, everywhere allows mom to holding out abdominous form it is thus clear that, but a little different is: They are wearing the pregnant woman of be slack and perfunctory to take rarely, those who replace is tight small waist jeans deserve to heat up hot dew hilum with the upper part of the body small vest, it is the abdominous dew that thinks a round circle intentionally it seems that come out, some still is on belly above paragraphs a few erratic pattern, feeling more resembling is to be being shown off be pregnant additionally one kind of amorous feelings of the woman, be like however little trifling and elaborate caressed flavour. Often see this kind of setting, I can't help be the little baby in their abdomen to be worried. The first kind of education that British children accept in mom abdomen is such.

We have an England friend, in her unripe child time did not go a hospital actually, choose oneself to have natural production in the home however. Still say to our explanation: "Such doing can let whole production process more relaxed with kind, can bring pregnant woman a kind of safe sense. What open an eye to see when the baby is to be surrounded in him the father mother beside is not doctor nurse, those who see is to belong to his sweet home, is not the delivery room of the hospital. " an explanation that heard her, also feel not without the truth.

On the weekend when, we often go to neighbour home visitting, see lovely Ethan for the sake of going, he is just was born the baby with two big months. His mom Lisa is in be delivered of his two week hind, begin to do those who recover body gem gal trained, look in me difficulty of gem gal training is very great, lisa also is met actually be able to stand. Same the treatment that she gives small Ethan is more " cloddish " . Be worth in July, because heat must perspire and small Ethan cries greatly, lisa says to me she has a very effective settlement method, one's voice in speech just fell to had adopted the child with respect to, fan tone arrives intermediate, ground of the unbridled before sending electric fan the child was blown, this act frightened me to jump indeed, hasten go checking, and Lisa says easily all over the face however " Thatisok " . This grows namely the British darling of two months can " enjoy " the pay that reach.

What must say is our hep that girl Mollie, just 5 years old, take off a doll alive. Natural disposition is lively good move, there is the interest that does not make forever it seems that on bub body. But who can believe again, be a such lovely girl can contract a kind of congenital rare disease. Say according to his father Matt, do not grow year after year this kind of sick child is at all. The pill that small Mollie wants support to make bottle everyday is maintaining the normal function of own body. But Matt couple never has the daughter them to regard delicate Cinderella as, regard her as however proud princess, dress up her beautifully all the day, the life arranges those who get full to the brim: Want to swim every week, zhou Er goes to a hospital routine examination, zhou San goes attending piano class, zhou Wu is drought ice grooms, still have what she likes to attend most on the weekend " Girlparty " .
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