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In the home " go to school " be no good all right?
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Be in the United States, more and more parents reject to send the child toward the school; Contrary, they download teaching material and software from Internet in succession, let the child accept education in the home. Educationist people afraid however, means of this kind of education can make the society pays heavy price.

Since had Internet, more and more parents close his child in the home to teach self-study oneself, they download data and software from Internet. The family that takes kind of this kind of education is current although very few, but be in however mushroom, even the famous person that a few have the identity, place very much also is done so. A few parents think, the educational effect of the school is far not as good as the school of the open on the net.

Cloth silk ever was the actor of Hollywood, she and husband decide 6 years ago, two sons that invite them 14 years old to mix 7 years old learn on Internet, and they still are in the home open oneself Internet school is enrolled have 40 students. They think, present middle and primary school is far not as good as the school on the net. Los angeles outskirts has a mother that is called Jin Xi, she refuses 7 years old, 9 years old send toward the school to read with 3 children of 11 years old, however oneself give lessons for them in the home, next the hobby according to the child, let themselves choose major. After learning elementary school course, these 3 children all the day outdoors catchs the insect, move back and forth in the home captured prey, they build each of know exactly about sth even insect specimen room of oneself. They can call insect expert now. The another mother that is called Qiaoyisi, the big child that she discovers 10 years ago is after school ask for trouble, also did not let him go to school again. She is self-taught in the home the teacher that the ground became the child, outside needing to invite family education except maths and music, qiaoyisi is uniform oneself attend class to the child. She says, "Only the parent just knows the child needs what to learn most. Of course, the parent cannot be all-pervasive champion, but there is Internet now, have professional very strong tutor, these already offerred sufficient study condition to the child. These already offerred sufficient study condition to the child..

On the history, tall treats · Washington to those who accept primary education is in namely in father's farm, bai Ershi of beautiful Sha of British queen Yi also is in the finish school inside Buckingham Palace, luo Sifu of the president before the United States had gone up only of a few months learn, his primary education and higher education also are finished in the home. Edison of American big inventor 12 years old by expulsive the school, be on the road of the invention through self-study subsequently.

1993, parents teachs the bill that raises oneself to be in the United States oneself 50 cities all are obtained through. From now on, the teaching job of all course that the parent undertakes the child to go to an university from nursery school in the home is regarded as lawful. Nowadays, the United States has 1.5 million children to accept education in the home all the year round. An American recent poll makes clear, the parent that has 59 % thinks, the result that yields the child to accept education in the home is better than uploading the school of all. American family teachs academy dean to think, "Nowadays, let the child already was social place self-identity in home study. "A lot of parents think, active education and schoolbook already lagged behind at the need that the child admits far.
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