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American parents teachs the child to pay attention to education from 4 respects
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One, the equal consciousness that pays attention to education child

Walk into American family, you can see sundry toy and children books are put in the place that your child can take, the wall comes to go up stick full children " art work " , parental the words and deeds that importunes the child rarely, do not importune child name even their pa Mom, children resemble the name that elder breathes out continuously like associate is very natural thing. Parents and child conversation are to crouch forever, they think, although the child is small, but the person that also is independence, should crouch so. They offer the opportunity that participate in and behaves adequately to the child in daily life, no matter how the result always gives,be approbated and speak favorably of.

2, pay attention to those who rear the child to start work ability

American parents sees the child is on the wall graffito, bite a toy with the mouth, take scissors to cut graffito in disorder on the article such as book dress, of their meeting grinning, very glad child learned some kind of skill, is not deeply regret some thing was damaged by the child, tell the child patiently the skill on a few operations and knowledge next. Be in the United States, child 7-8 the month can sit tailor-made him table catchs a meal to eat. They do not fear the child is flyblown the dress.

3, the independent ability that pays attention to education child

Be in the United States, parents fosters independent consciousness of the child as a child, the child sleeps as a child small bed, largish hind have a house alone. Day-to-day work is handled in the child, parents helps the child do a few things that the age still cannot accomplish at that time only, every him child the thing of in one's power is finished as far as possible by him child, when for instance two years old of children bathe, mom helps water of child put away only, take off next dresses, next him child climbs bathtub, play a little while to wipe toilet soap with respect to oneself in water, after be being washed clean again oneself climb a bathtub. Great majority the adolescent of 18 years old of above, oneself earn money read. Accordingly, the United States socially of an a dustman, waiter, also may be a member that accepting higher education.

4, the creativity that pays attention to education child

American elementary school never undertakes to the child on classroom many knowledge engrafts, however try every means brings the child's vision to that boundless knowledge ocean outside campus, they did not let children go the formula with many mechanical memorizing and theorem, tell children elaboratively how to ponder over a problem however, they never divide the student into with the exam 369 etc, go all lengths however all effort of affirmative child, go praising all conclusion that oneself ponder over children.

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