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Abroad Yo: Respect old education as a child only then
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Russia society honour often love old become common practice. This and Russian pay attention to pair of children " respect old education " it is cent do not leave --

Just learn to talk in the child when, young father and mother learns to call father, mom in the child while, ask he also can call grandfather, grandma. After the child is largish, they explain to the child, grandmother of grandfather grandma, grandfather is the parents of father, mom, requirement child compares the parents to oneself to be respected more to the old person.

Become the child 3 years old when, the parents of Russia asks he remembers the birthday of grandfather grandma or grandfather grandmother well. 4 years old want to be able to sign up for the correct age that gives an old person. They let the child understand the hobby of the old person, encourage the child to be the same as with the old person happy. Wei Jia of 5 years old discloses, he learns play chess is to often can follow a grandfather " kill on one dish " , so that let an old person " glad and glad " ; In addition, he often still accompanies an old person to go outskirts fishs.

If did not follow an old person to live together, russia parents is again busy also do not forget to carry the child to see an old person regularly, let the child provide a help for the old person. Should know a grandma " the eyes is bad " when reading a book hard, small An Na the story in the book another ground recites an old person to listen. The grandfather that small Yi altogethers to often be hard of hearing is loud " communicate " the speech of others.

When the old person falls ill, young father and mother teachs child general medicine or water sends to the front of the bed couch of the old person, teach him to learn to say such as " you feel better " , " you can restore health very quickly " the complimentary language of and so on or beatific language. When the old person is doleful, they encourage the child to accompany an old person to chat, in the meantime, still emphasize to the child, to the mouth of the old person long-winded, nag must have patience, cannot ridicule the words fail to convey the idea that the old person may appear at any time absolutely. Some of old person went up age, disposition becomes so not amiable, russia parents asks the child faces an old person a variety of " erratic performance " should keep state of mind is gentle and good-tempered.

Russia parents teachs the child, once the person became old the movement can become awakward, walking can become faltering, the figure can become ugly, everybody, include him child even, old metropolis such. Such, the child won't feel again old person " ugly " or " funny " .

Be in Russia, child-care centre and home of respect for the aged often are formed " two pairs " exchange visits. This added pleasure to the old age life with lonely old person not only, and for the child familiar and more old person offerred an opportunity. Russia parents encourages some more largish child to follow elder beyond more contact of large-scale old person, if help the old person with faltering walking cross a street; To saying hello to in gymnastical old person in the park; The old person gives offer one's seat to sb on the bus; Etc. Teach the child's new to what call in senile friend, answer to be respected like the senile elder as oneself and be respected. The opportunity that the old person such as the hero that some parents still create more to follow period of the old scientist, retired teacher, war that defend a country for the child contacts, make the child clear, although them already old, but their contribution is graven. Encourage the child to will save the pocket money alms that come down to give orphans and widows, deformity the old person.
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