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The independent character of American child
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Be regarded as an independent person look upon. Parents never what does loath child do, however the age characteristic according to the child, guide them to do the business that should do. Malcontent the child of one one full year of life, become when they themselves can hold feeder in both hands to drink a milk, parents encourages themselves to be being held in both hands drink. Be drunk, parents still thanks to the child and try to speak favorably of.  
Generally speaking, the child completes high school school work, no matter they are matriculate,take advanced courses, still be on working station, it is them when leaving a family to live independently. Great majority youth left the home to be on the road that ego struggles.  
I arrive from new York in the road of Philadelphia, encounter a young girl. She was taking baggage to leave a car, the passenger goes in succession, the person such as my will receive, she and I stay on the station then. I ask whether she also waits for a person to receive, she shakes shake one's head saying is not, she still does not know to should go toward where. I ask she comes from where then, she says her 18 years old, just attended a middle school, father mother is badly off, she 4 brothers little sister still is studying. She arrived when this independence lives, leave the home to go out so apply for a job, in order to reduce domestic burden. I am cherished sympathize with think her in order to help. At this moment, the car that receives me came, I ask her to get on a car together but she was politelied decline. She takes heavy baggage, go ahead slowly.

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