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Child of Sino-US parents United States
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An American gentleman that married Chinese wife says to me: "Previously, I always feel the Chinese is cleverer than us, I just know now, original China parents is forcing the child reads forever, their duty is to teach the children with a the most outstanding school work to come, the summer vacation that connects the child even also is not let off. Where is American parents? Their duty is the childhood that makes the child true enjoy his, go moving, go making friend, go excursion, go doing oneself to like the business that do, of course, such education, also be unavoidable to make the child becomes let things drift. Also be unavoidable to make the child becomes let things drift..

A few China wives that married American man also had blamed this problem from another angle with me, mrs Xiaoni says: "My husband is the doctoral student that Colombian university literature is graduation, it is the United States is top-ranking that his writing ability can say, but, the elementary school of our child writes a composition, connect the moderate level in the class to cannot be achieved, you say this father, not only won't anxious, persuade me to say to waited for the child to be brought up even, can have been written naturally, besides, the child is the child, I am me, how can be you compared? " the father that but you forgot you,is them?

Mrs Xiaohua says: "My husband never helps child business class, but, if the child went a fault, he also does not give the child right answer, he can let the child think again, he thinks, which have the person not to make a mistake, do not make mistake, how to rise? And, if I am a teacher, what does the teacher of child school do? What does the teacher of child school do??

Small humble wife says: "My husband sees study of my criticism son is not serious, the meeting on the horse says a good word for the son, say the son is already first-rate, want me to mention only how lesson of maths of American elementary school is simple, husband immediateness is refuted say how the son compares old father clever, the son goes up on the weekend Chinese school, specific learn how, he no matter. The time that he thinks the son can sacrifice to play on the weekend, already honest marvelous. Already honest marvelous..

The area school that my home place belongs to, the bottom class in a kindergarten of 25 people, there can be children of a foreign citizen of Chinese origin at least on every class, entire school can have 339 Chinese father and mother at least. But, every time the justice labour of conference call serves school parent, I often one of parents of very few foreign citizen of Chinese origin. Perhaps be social activity and school work have nothing to do, so Chinese parent does not need to take seriously.

Between parents of foreign citizen of Chinese origin always be honor with study result of children. The United States has monthly magazine of a Chinese, among them a column is to publish a student of outstanding foreign citizen of Chinese origin, the data wants child parent preparation. Mysterious is, terminally can have countless competitor. I think, mere because of child school work must the child appears in the newspaper, it is the value concept discrepant with American mainstream society. The school work that the child talks about between American parents is not much, the child's achievement is the thing of oneself more, others canal is not worn, and sports, extracurricular activity, the anecdote of the teacher that encounters in course is child mom however between the theme of the way one speaks or what he says.
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