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Of popular United States " double sex is changed " education
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American psychologist ever had made investigation to more than 2000 children, the result discovers an absorbing phenomenon: Too the boy that the male changes and too Nancy girl, the development of its intelligence, physical strength and disposition is general relatively one-sided, business of intelligence quotient, affection all inferior, incorporate is: Comprehensive study result is not ideal (slant especially division phenomenon is serious) , lack imagination, force and creativity, the or when encountering a problem lacks one's own view, or is bigoted, deal with an environment freelyingly neatly hard at the same time. Contrary, those hold concurrently tender, meticulous the boy that waits for temperament, hold the girl that waits for temperament stoutly, bravely concurrently, mostly intellective however, physical strength and disposition development are full-scale, grade of section of unity and coherence in writing all better, often get of teacher and classmate love. After manhood, hold concurrently " bisexual length " the men and women is in the modern society with intense competition, can hold advantage position more. 

This discovers confirm the United States' increasingly popular now brand-new education train of thought -- double sex changes education. 

Alleged " double sex changes education " , was to abandon traditional. Absolutely " unisexual change education " hind a kind of family of emerge as the times require teachs new concept. Investigator thinks, when teaching child, too strict, absolutely sexual distinction finalizes the design (namely the boy fosters his only straightforward, doughty wait for male temperament, the girl fosters his only tender, meticulous wait for female characteristic) , can limit the development with overall health of their intelligence, individual character only, may make then the boy is too straightforward, bold and powerful and lack gentle, exquisite temperament, without law society care thoughtful other people is reached have exquisite affection world; Your girl is too effeminate, inside collect and lack courage, free-standing spirit, lack competitive heart and doughty psychological quality, suit finally in the society, mood adjusting control, pressure is dissolved and on all sorts of human concerns that processing includes a family inside, bad at those " double sex changes " men and women: The girl may lack independent character and the desire to do better accordingly, abandon the pursuit to the career and the strict requirement to oneself, become a useful person finally hard; The boy may become callous and meaning of self-willed, unintelligible person, chill, or flat became the job mad, have competitive advantage hard on the career not only, undesirable also in circle. 

How to begin " double sex changes education " , american expert put forward to suggest as follows: 

One, encourage the child to learn  to the opposite sex
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