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Swedish education: Do not want a talent to want equality
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"The person that thinks the American society of the law of jungle is bad asks raise one's hand. " the student in the classroom is brushed together brushed the ground to raise a hand. This is Japan " times " a fundamental school that weekly reporter covers Stockholm environs (be equivalent to elementary school and junior high school) when, to the scene when the 6 grade student over there quizs. Such reaction makes this print journalist surprised. He asks again: "Why bad? " ? Answer of a boy says: "Because overmatch disregards the society of the weak,be the society of imparity. " ? This answer more make a reporter open-eyed.
Be in Sweden, solidarity adds up to made value to be emphasized extensively all the time. Sweden has fundamental school, high school and university. Well-known, swede establishs nobel prize, win this award should saying is a talent. But Swedish education is a tenet with raising the level of whole society however, they take the person that do not let social occurrence fogyism seriously more, is not to foster individual talent.

Be in Sweden, the parents in almost all family works, the child rises to be sent into from 1 year old many leave home very close nursery school. Allegedly, while nursery school is fostering child autonomy, let the value that they knew to solidarity cooperates naturally. Swedish school does not have matriculation basically, a person can enter what school is by at ordinary times learn achievement to decide. The proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade of high school achieves 98 % . Each school tuition is avoided completely, the child's study basically does not suffer the effect of parent income level.

Is Swedish child how accept education? The reporter visited a very average nursery school of Stockholm city. 72 when live here 1 year old of children that arrive 5 years old are enrolled inside 4 classes. Cent class does not press the age, the child of the child that just lets big drop designedly field and bit lives in a class, develop their social cooperation ability with this.

There are 19 nursery governesses in nursery school, among them 15 are a female, 4 are the male. There is a lot of to do not have father's family in Sweden allegedly, the effect of male nursery governess is very so main.

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