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Means of Sino-US family moral education is compared
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On the method that teachs in domestic morality, china and American each has his strong point. Although traditional idea of China takes seriously " family education " , but undeniable United States a lot of distinctive educational thought mode more the historical culture that accords with them is traditional. 

Chinese parents is good at historical education, the sages and men of virtue of a of all ages emphasizes more " Hou Dezai content " with human harmony, use up to the country faithful, use up filial piety to the home; Regard the book of an example, canto as without number second: 3 are model of past dynasties morality establishs graven monument in people heart, a much-told story of run in the family is incentive round be in harmony of every family harmony, form social psychology of the nation to accumulate, portray a person with exalted spirit, cheer a person with outstanding work, china's simple and honest traditional history culture is edifying each family. 

Chinese parents is good at persuading education. They take the child seriously overly, it is cost in order to ignore with him sacrifice; They even the responsibility that ground of willingly bear the burden of hard works is assuming help child to grow. Go forth to let the child stand on their start, their strive makes the child does not leave or take their roundabout way less. Persuade education to allot brandish to get incisively and vividly in this kind of motive, parents is known very much apply the authority in the family to strive for the child, also be good at " move with affection, xiao Zhi in order to manage " . And Chinese child, respect elder as a child, esteem experience. Homiletic success of parents also is attributed to the chime in easily of domestic both sides more. 

Chinese parents is known very much " teaching the child while, also be the character that teaching oneself and checks oneself " , parents should engraft his good quality to child body, the heart that must abide by oneself strictly is devotional. Powerful behavior force is formed in moral sense of the child period rose " benefit other people is fine breathed " effectiveness. 

In education of American family ethics, religion is producing the effect that cannot underestimate. Go go to church, pray before table, became a kind of lifestyle, teach the ethics of it and the special responsibility of the family in be being considered as this democratic country hard apart. In modern society, parents still hopes in all to god is from beginning to end in the heart unite isolated mankind together. 

American parents lets the child have the freedom of the choice. American parents won't replace child option, hold to however " Standbehind, don't Push " (the station is from the back, do not push) , give the child the way that absolute freedom goes choosing them. Making the child turns a society into the person truly is the ultimate goal that American family teachs, be this target, make the child had a lot of rights in the family prematurely. 
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