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Play of excessive angst influence chews the university entrance exam chewing gum
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Important exam is just as " bright sword " , those who decide victory or defeat often is the state of mind during the exam. Can say, the state of mind that has gentle, measurable insecurity meant an exam to succeed half. How should be psychology adjusted during the gold sprint time of a week before taking an examination of and exam? Psychological expert suggests, phase of sprint, take an examination should avoid frustrate psychology as far as possible in review, work and rest is adjusted go up to want to preserve measurable flexibility, both neither should compress Morpheus time comes " start to prepare at the last moment " , unfavorable also the Morpheus that forces oneself to must assure how long. To the examinee of nervous uneasiness, chew chew chewing gum, much doing deep breathing is even do on examination room " carry anus " petty action, can alleviate nervous, concentration attention.

Excessive angst can affect play

Reporter from Zhongshan university accessary division of psychology of the 3rd hospital learns, close period of time, before because take an examination of,having candidate for an entrance examination in succession, excessive angst sees a doctor to psychological division. The expression of examinee basically has become because of insecurity exhaustion, angst, irritating a little absentminded even, occurrence insomnia, feel restless, nauseating, bellyacke, perspire without appetite, frequency, the phenomenon such as frequent micturition, quality of move, Morpheus is differred and do not bring about memory in order to sleep to drop especially, attention is centered hard most common. "When a lot of examinee will seek advice, say, become aware oneself review is not comprehensive, did not hold. " Professor Zhang Jinbei says, still have a few candidate for an entrance examination, composed at ordinary times, at this moment random also condition.

"Face one's deceased father have pressure, nervous, angst is normal human feelings. From the point of psychological research, measurable insecurity, angst conduces to exam take an examination ofing giving good result, but excessive angst, can restrain the play of the exam. " doctor of life of admire of the Kingdom of Wei says, should measure insecurity to whether already oned the edge of out of control, have a simple idea, when viewing a subject for example whether focus attention, arouse the enthusiasm that become a problem. Normally, cannot focus attention quickly, with respect to the specification need was loosened.

Force Morpheus to meet his instead " pressurization "

The exam needs abundant energy, accordingly, what many examinee worry most is to sleep bad, sleep to be not worn. But worry so the more, morpheus quality is not improved more instead. In former years still has examinee rigid to ask to lie-down must sleep 30 minutes during he takes an exam, but because insecurity sleeps to be not worn, every are about to rise to move the time in the future of alarm clock a little while too. When when should setting out, the time that she is asleep truly still does not have collect enough half hours, before taking examination room, depressed still ground feels he did not rest good, the result affected play.
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