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Of children learn a result
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In domestic education, when a lot of parents are inspiring the child to comprehend life reason, feeling is to headache very, the truth is told too directly, the child may say you are too hypocritical; Be told too secondhand, child or does not understand, or feels you are disingenuous. Actually, we should integrate the life and principle well rise, guide the child much experience, much savour. Two member that learn battalion are below, "Big head " and
"8 give up " , the result during learning to train battalion and comprehend.

Macrocephalic comprehends:

The activity that learns to train battalion is in imperceptible in be about to near end, I and everybody get along more and more harmoniously, this make me very glad really. Because I former suspect I am in new environment all the time, whether pass happily, whether make a good friend, whether like be in the home the ground is conversable. 5 days past, I should say haughtily: "I am OK! " this also thankses to I the good associate beside people, their every act, treat companionate sincerity, know take care of each other, encourage each other etc, touched me deeply, also affecting me at the same time, let me know slowly, my genuine ability can change more friendship.

The content that learns today is to tell " realization path " , our group person comes to tea of clear Xin garden art house, tea path is today thematic center, look at a clerk to enrage the earth's surface of compose oneself idle to act to us at the same time, let me associate to go the experience of law source temple, the Jing Xinzhi that day, just appears thoroughly today in me before. Halcyon as a result is far. Good tea has inner calm, dedicated person ability bubble to go out only, is working also same? Wool short-tempered impetuous achieves what one wishes impossibly forever.

Say today's subject again " comprehend " , looking in me is a word that goes very hard accomplishing. Once, I am heard more than a person is more than tell me, what they do should rely on to realize, but I feel Yao cannot be reached, so a few the world come, as if found a bit sense. "Realize " word, one is added by perpendicular heart " I " , it is me want intention ability to be comprehended somewhat. Tickler is not had on the world, attentively we are OK.

Learning to train battalion in, if you do not take the eye of exploration, quick mind and active state of mind, I think you can share pleasure with everybody only at most, and if you are already ready, taking think set out, training camp will bring you infinite much feeling.

The life needs to comprehend everywhere. Bagatelle affection, macrocosm. We these days learn collective life, let me become richer.

Of 8 give up attack and defence result:

9 minutes of this world, a minute of shade, criterion fight the enemy 10 thousand, from caustic 3000;
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