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How is study efficiency tall?
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Experience one:
1, might as well oneself decide limitation of a few time. Learn for long to make oneself generate cheesed sentiment very easily continuously, can divide the homework into at this moment a certain number of part, time of each share limit, this exercise is completed inside a hour for example, that test finishs to wait a moment before 8 o'clock, conduce to not only so improve efficiency, still won't produce fatigue move. If possible sentence, shorten stage by stage uses time, before long you can discover, one hour is over before the exercise that won't do, 40 minutes are finished now.

2, learning while do other issue or consider other issue. Of one mind cannot everybody understands 2 used arguments, can still a lot of classmates hear music in edge study edge. Probably you can say to hear music is to loosen nerval tweak, so the whole body after you use up OK and absorption study one hour loosens the ground to hear quarter music, compare the effect that taking earphone business course so a lot of.

3, not whole review same door homework in the evening. I often ever also used to see maths or physics in the evening before, carry out a proof, such doing not only easy exhaustion, and the effect is very poor also. I review 3 two homeworks in platoon of every good night later, the circumstance is close friends much.

Besides very serious content, very detailed notes need not be written down on classroom. If busy on classroom,mark note, the efficiency scarcely of attend a lecture is tall, you can go to besides certainly after unwarrantable also class read note. The lecture that the main work that does on classroom ought to be a teacher is digested absorb, make a few brief note appropriately can.

Experience 2:

Learn efficiency this thing, I ever also had been mentioned with a lot of people. We often see such case: Some classmate study is extremely diligent, learn in the school, come home to also learn, still often boil stay up late, the problem is done without number, but achievement go up always however not to face such situation actually, I also am very anxious, original, have pay should have get one's own back, and, those who pay is much should redound is very much, this is the thing of perfectly justified. But actual condition is not however such, the edge is put in the problem of an efficiency here. What does efficiency point to? Be just like learn same thing, practice met someone 10 times, and somebody requires practice 100 times, this is put in the problem of an efficiency among them.

How to improve study efficiency? I think one the most important strikes a proper balance between work and rest namely. Learn efficiency those who rise to need most is sober and sharp mind, so proper rest, recreation has profit not just, more necessary, it is the base that improves each study efficiency. So how does the efficiency of attend a lecture when attending class rise? Look with my classics all through the ages, there should be certain prepare lessons before class before the class, this is necessary, my prepare lessons before class is rougher nevertheless, no more than is to trot along on horseback the ground that watch a flower sees textbook, the content that interprets on such textbook, key has a music in the heart roughly, listen to a class to have specific aim quite. When prepare lessons before class, we need not be done too finely, if meticulous it is wasteful time, 2 be when attending class, can have rather some lax, sometimes instead oversight the most useful thing. When attending class, serious attend a lecture is of course must, but just like me a teacher tells before, anybody also cannot concentrate energy a class, that is to say, successive more than 40 minutes center spirit not to take a look, it is unlikely, place also has problem of distributive of a time during above class, when the teacher says some very familiar things, can loosen appropriately. Additional, write down note to also can hamper sometimes efficiency of classroom attend a lecture, sometimes a class copies note with respect to busy move, such doing, meet sometimes oversight a few very important things, but this differs to need not copy note at saying, copying note is no good, everybody can be forgotten, had note, the ability when reviewing has a base, sometimes the teacher is told very more, write down very more also on blackboard, but do not need to be written down completely, some things on the book do not want to write down of course, want to remember the theorematic law that does not have on a few books, typical example and typical solution, these ability are truly valuable the thing that goes writing down. See what writes down what otherwise, certainly will affects the efficiency of the attend a lecture on the class, the loss outweights the gain.
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