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The university entrance exam divides examinee high: Still need flexible successf
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See this for the first time when a meter of big boy of 78, the boy of this gentle adn cultivated still is done not have come out from inside the insecurity of the university entrance exam and excitement completely, but his style of conversation had broken away from him apparently of this age mix flightily disturbed. As the development of communication, the reporter discovers Chi Mingyang follows most high school to be born actually same, oneself are considered as the small fondness for of not attend to one's proper works or duties by old people, for instance kickball, also meet the net swims, also hand in a girlfriend... those who let a reporter be interested is: Same study plays likewise, class of take lessons after school of not additional also newspaper, whats to learn more unlike others, is Chi Mingyang what to what shows itself rely on after all?

Abandon enjoying to amount to a target tall 3 not kickball

Successful person often is to having specific target and can unremitting ground goes coming true it. Chi Mingyang is not exceptional also. From inside the contact with him, reporter discovery, chi Mingyang and other child's biggest differentia depends on him what wanting to oneself, how to go wanting, special understanding. What show fully in his eyes is sturdy can show his enough confidence to oneself.

He what having inherent interest to the football, what read aloud when elementary school is school of key of a football of Tianjin city, raise of 3 grade late name enters elementary school club of football of person of one family property trains, graduate to elementary school all the time. Even if he shows very high talent to the football as a child, but the road that he was not on professional football, regard the football as however a kind of hobby and recreation, did not affect his study. Oneself life has been assumed when Chi Mingyang is very small, also had wanted to become football athlete, but he early saw socially a lot of things, understood this road does not belong to him, this also is his dominant thought when Gao Sanfu reviews, learning ability is the first.

Had such dominant idea, he abandoned kickball self-consciously during review. Be not to want to play? Not be of course. Major child even adult has such laziness, the interest that gives oneself namely remains a rout of retreat, the activity that likes oneself most to do a thing abandons, no matter this has a challenge very much to who. Be what is more,the rather that more all the year round not kickball?

Chi Mingyang says: "Not be not to want to play, but want to want get over only these a few months had been met, aux would rather now abandon was being enjoyed. " clever student often is not clever go up in intelligence, however they know the world to do not have free lunch, should doing a business should pay price, chi Mingyang is a clever student.

After calling in the heart completely to study to come, he discovers English is his weak force headings in an account book. Take midterm of second year in high school for, grade of his science department only branch is whole class the first, only English took 66 minutes of hundred mark system, then he brushs a shoulder with the first position and passed.
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