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8 years examinee of high component of science department of the university entra
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Give heat as achievement of the university entrance exam, high component examinee makes the central point that everybody pays close attention to. Take high component what to kind of personal experience having? A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Dalian technically 8 in science department divides examinee high -- achievement of the university entrance exam Wang Weining of 678 minutes.

Talk about study to be in again interest

When many students just are promoting high school, incommensurate to learning the high school life with method, disparate atmosphere to express with junior high school, plaint in succession " high school knowledge is difficult, learn not to understand " .

To this, wang Weining tells a reporter: He just was entering class hour to also encounter same question, respect of particularly reasonable division. Below this kind of circumstance, he thinks: Everybody must encourage to oneself establish confidence, in the meantime, develop the interest to course. It is with mathematical course exemple, in understanding teacher premise of tuitional content, method falls, can draw inferences about other cases from one instance, oneself study brand-new solution inscribes program, strive for find simple, fast answering question key. This kind of method, in the university entrance exam effects is apparent, special to problem of choice, fill a vacancy, can save many time.

To slanting family problem, wang Weining says: Want systemic a person's mind to throw only actually among them, with respect to meeting discovery, every course is held out " lovely " , study interest nature is grumous.

Talk about solution to inscribe progressively analysis

Wang Weining takes an examination of another of cent high " secret book " be: Do not do the tactics that inscribe the sea.

He says frankly: Oneself buy exercise book rarely, also do not stay up late. Mystery is in: Can knowledge of the teacher's tuitional special, system seasonable aggrandizement, learn knowledge to appear; Become a problem not blindly, first selection becomes the problem that has results; When encountering difficult problem, rapid according to intellectual system " check the number is entered " , change be a hard job to brief, do not want to abandon blindly, chase an analysis, total meeting finds the solution; Additional, when the exam, answering question is had an insatiable desire for not blindly much, corrupt fast, should slow and steady, seek fine, be like, problem of choice, fill a vacancy assures to answer one problem notchs one problem.

Talk about a program to have Zhang Youchi

To the program on school work, wang Weining suggests high school is unripe: Tall one, second year in high school decides a goal; Tall 3 do not consider a target.

His explanation says, actually of the university entrance exam a rich weichis, want be particular about method, suitable its are natural, to tall 31 flavour make excessive demands to had brought great pressure to oneself instead. High school lives (especially phase of Gao Sanfu be used to) should carry good intention state everyday, accomplish know fairly well; Do one brief summary everyday, exercise is handled seriously, let oneself have results everyday. Additional, might as well at ordinary times the exercise regards as exam, ask strictly to oneself, an exam, regard as to the university entrance exam therefore feigned course of study, nature controls easily. Reporter Shi Shuang
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