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Tell tall examinee please: From confidence common heart does not abandon not to
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Of not a second is to be lost time, be about to pull open for the examinee of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two the university entrance exam is old 2008 act. In a few final days, are the school and examinee how spend? The reporter interviewed Hangzhou randomly 6 middle schools, tell a reader busy in smoke of gunpowder of the university entrance exam their condition and mood --

Hangzhou 2 in cent school student queues up to answer doubt

Yesterday (on June 2, similarly hereinafter) afternoon 3: 00, the reporter is contacted Hangzhou 2 in when Li Xiaoyun of teacher of Chinese of regular professional training of cent school Gao Sanwen, in her office, several students are discharging a team to wait to answer doubt, do not have what accept a reporter for nothing to interview at all. So first-class it is nearly two hours.

Hangzhou 2 in cent school has 10 classes to attend the university entrance exam this year, class of 4 liberal art, 6 science class. Since May 31, gao Sanxue is unripe begin suspend class, but the student of 2/3 still chooses to stay school is self-educated, teacher of school criterion arrangement answers group by group doubt, establish by the classroom have answer technically doubt classroom. The student that reviews in the home considering some also can come school answer doubt, the part answers doubt teacher stays in office area, lest affect,review in the student of the classroom.

Yesterday afternoon, mr. Li is recieved answer a few students of doubt, basically be the train of thought solving a problem that will consult contemporary article to read a respect, feeling to become a problem is not very conveniently, train of thought is unsharpness. Mr. Li explains at the same time, notice to observe the student's mood, state of mind at the same time, patient ground tries dredge. She feels, before be being taken an examination of last weeks, the state of mind before help student recuperation is taken an examination of is more important.

Hangzhou 2 in cent school checks a place as the university entrance exam, have the school afternoon from June 5 will formal suspend class, begin to decorate examination room. The school already will undertake on May 18 a completely true imitate takes an exam " maneuver of the university entrance exam " , the spot before including to checking bit of door that day sends and receive standard textual criticism (it is mimic) of course. That day is Olympic Games torch is delivered in Hangzhou by chance, traffic situation is somewhat of control, on the feeling with the university entrance exam the circumstance resembled quite that day. Whole exercise comes down, the case is good still, entire school neither one student is late.

This year the university entrance exam that day, hangzhou 2 in cent school collectivity is tall 3 teachers will be unified put on tall the unlined upper garment of bright red souvenir of 3 graduation, send for the student one's deceased father, serve sweet blessing.
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