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Na Kaizhong learns Gu Shuang: Learning high school physics is a systematic proje
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Tianjin area before in exam outline, add an experiment to in all more than 120 knowledge are nodded. The ability that wants check basically includes: Savvy, inferential ability, analyse integrated ability, applied maths handles the ability of physical problem, experiment and dug ability these 5 respects.

Requirement student can achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject just goes, can regarding physical teacher as me always is to be able to hear such voice: "Attend class understand, listen thoroughly, become a problem below the class namely when won't. " this is very actually normal, this is a when learn knowledge necessary process. Read some for instance piece literary work, the to natural scenery depict in the article, to the depict of character psychology activity, write so that make a person cry absolutely, and it is such that he also know, him Dan Rerang carries a pen to write, may not perhaps says that he cannot draw up the family's level comes.

Hear others speech, read others article, understand understand do not have a problem absolutely, but it is so not easy to want his to write the thing that comes out to become his. The thing that for instance the child can say, should let him draw up come, with respect to the practice that must keep through relapsing ability reachs that one stage. Want consequently by understand become can do, be about great on understood basis exercise, just can master among them rule and secret, become oneself thing truly, this also learns behoove of high school content just about the place of this concentrate one's efforts.

How does time fall, what specific requirement should be achieved in learning a process, should note what problem, we divide an administrative levels to come below concrete analysis.


In study of high school physics, should memorize basic idea, rule and a few fundamental conclusion, namely alleged we often mention most fundamental knowledge. Classmates often ignore the memory of these basic ideas, think to study physics need not mechanical memorizing the thing of these literal sexes, its are in as a result tall concept of physics of classmate of the 3 queries in always be being reviewed, the fellow student that speaks out well and truly is very few, even if the fellow student of class of take lessons after school is almost such also. I dare not say physical concept back is not complete absolutely to your some the study of second exam or some phase causes how old effect, but can say for certain, this pair of your understanding to physical problem, the form Chengdu of knowledge of system of whole to you physics has immanent undesirable effect, which problem that says to forbid an exam which forbids because of your concept and lose cent. Accordingly, study Chinese needs to memorize logion mathematics of epigrammatic, study must remember basic formula, study physics also must memorize basic idea and pattern, this is those who learn physics most the condition of predetermination, it is the mainest demand that learns physics, without this one pace, the study have no way below is mentioned.
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