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Experience shares: 30 of successful conquer English good conventions
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Dear is conquering English comrade-in-armses, you worked hard!

I was summed up 20 come for years the life of wind storm rain mixes the successful personages all round myself and me struggling course, if make conclusions,reached:

Good convention of English decides the ultimate success or failure of English study!

These good conventions include:

1, blend in English daily life truly! Do not learn English, and should live between English!

2, make difficult word, difficult sentence into placard, stick in the most conspicuous place in the home, mastered insensibly!

3, do not read English afflictive! Do not read English " sleeping and eating is installed hard " ! Let read English to become " the largest interest " !

4, the first issue that opens an eye is " call English aloud " ! Cry the energy that gives one day and brilliant! Call the plenitude that goes out one day and success!

5, English must cry ten minutes greatly before falling asleep! Let English enter subconscious, daydream also learning English.

6, " around of a day of 3 eat " read 5 minutes madly English, do not deserve to have a meal otherwise, this cries " law of a day of 3 eat " ! Anteprandial read English to review life, english is read after the meal peptic! This is a great convention! I should popularize this habit in the whole nation!

7, ran calls English! Exercised body muscle already, exercised oral cavity muscle again! The person that two muscle develop has absolutely " extraordinary competition ability " ! Particular way: In go out before ran, copy one Duan Ying language is put in the pocket first. The simplest way is from " Li Yangying language recites a jewel 365 " a piece of card is taken in this teaching material.

8, see a park, run to call English aloud. Enjoy beautiful scenery adequately, breathe fresh air adequately!

9, " 4 one " principle: Every time I read English or English-speaking time, I can be accomplished look up, hold out a bosom, close alvine, exert oneself to do sth. ! Such, my English can become tunnel, Orphean immediately!

10, when saying English, experienced English at ordinary times must vowel is particularly full! Can train oneself extraordinary temperament so.

11, available mad exercise is consonantal. Want to say fluent English, must accomplish: Vowel is consonantal and full and euphonic, accurate clear. For instance, I often take a piece of paper to put in front of mouth to practice hard plosive: Newspaper, popular, possible. I often bite next lips, practice hard [V] this sound, recite Drive exaggeratively, vegetable, the word such as Five.

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