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Should coil to be being judged on the net 6 attentions tall examinee cannot not
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This year, the examination questions of all our city course, will still execute the electron on the net to read roll. City action does remind each examinee, fill in when answering question gets stuck, must standard, mo Yin is " technical error " , be buckled to divide by computer callosity.

1, choose unified pen answering question

Objective problem fills besmear with 2B pencil, the black ink that subjective problem should choose 0.5 millimeter signs pen answering question.

An answer of use high speed scanner is judged to inscribe card to undertake scanning on the net, always achieve answer of 2B pH indicator to be able to be read well and truly to take by the computer and identify, won't cause a miscarriage of justice. When examinee is checked, if need to correct, can easily wipe up, do not leave apparent mark. 0.5 millimeter black signs the image definition that after pen classics scans, creates is high, OK and convenient read a teacher to see clear result, correct grading.

2, depend on order answering question by answering question area

Answering question blocks the electronic image of subjective problem part, it is by the computer the content inside rectangular to black of answering question area casing is undertaken scanning, automatic cut, to in an attempt to resembles the format of the file storing, dispense the terminal that reads a teacher automatically randomly again.

When examinee answering question, be like exceed answering question area or do not press order answering question, the will not be the subject answering question image that judges a teacher to see, meet what affect pair of examination paper directly sentence cent.

3, do not want scribble to be short of verify number

Answering question card has technically " be short of one's deceased father " mark, this is in charge of filling in by invigilate teacher, once besmear this labels by accident, the answering question card of examinee will be sentenced take an examination of answering question card to be short of, examinee ten million not is filled in disorder.

4, choose rubber to not be absorbed in good-looking

The rubber that the exam chooses, should can the print of the 2B pencil with an easily deeper chroma obliterates. In the stationer that learns outside school extent now, have a lot of color the rubber of diversity of beautiful, modelling is brushed, but rub-up effect is very poor. City action does remind examinee, do not choose too soft rubber to brush, because this kind of direction when soft rubber is being wiped is bad to master, and answering question card fills the interval between Tu Dianzhi normally very small, the answer that does not take care very easily to look other problem also erase. Accordingly, had better choose the rubber with good effect of the sort of soft hard moderate, rub-up.

5, revise subjective problem to want to use " general symbol "

When the result that revises subjective problem, must use general character to revise a symbol, for instance " delete " , should use write the book point-blank content cancel, tighten next be next to in its upper part or lower part draw up new solution. Modification part should like text, the black rectangle frame that cannot exceed this to inscribe answering question area, the result that revises otherwise is invalid.
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