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Number One Scholar of the university entrance exam studies a result: Who says to
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⊙ Beijing University 10 thousand Mu Chun
Little file of Number One Scholar

The birth date: On September 2, 1988

Alma mater: Ningxia Yinchuan one in

The school reachs major: Beijing University brilliance runs an institute

Achievement of the university entrance exam: 643 minutes

Bicycle of 7 years old

Second year in high school summer of that year, I still am riding tattered bike everyday, in dingdong noise all the way swagger through the street drives the common child that attends the school. Feel Shang Yuan of the university entrance exam horizon is in, what still not be late first this morning is good. Just, the wedding day that does not have a heart to do not have lung so also fails to last how long. As tall of 3 approach, the smell of the university entrance exam is faint be full of in all spaces, impossible to defend effectively making a person, those who avoid not as good as.

Also be the summer in that year, first time feeling got come from the pressure of the university entrance exam.

A last in May day, 30 meters outside tall 3 education building already was the person goes the building is empty, blatant former days corridor remnant is fragmentary a few people, also be to learn dejectedly in the main, just come out to breathe freely fully. Below the sunshine of very hot person, those who depressing is quiet, this kind of picture lets me feel the instant chokes to blot out the sky and cover up the earth and come, make a person suffocative come. One is not willing approbatory fact is placed undisguisedly in at the moment -- tall 3, from the 30 in big strides outside rice the ground goes to us.

Last battle begins begin to exchange fire so...

Come, hold out a bosom, look up! Prepare... strong!

The dream stands by reality

Someone has said, have how many person, how many is plant different tall 3. Also someone has said, the life that had not experienced the university entrance exam is half-baked. We do not try to prove the validity of these words with scientific theory, nevertheless, have a bit or make clear, training of this year, meet the child that lets us become more brave adamancy.

Whole high school, I had not taken the gold of what contest, also ever regretful did not obtain in all sorts of matches be proud the person's achievement, exclusive and gratified, go that report that stabilizes quite all the time only probably. Go to the 10th from the 2nd, each change an ancient folding chair geomantic turn by turns. But the achievement that stabilizes just about makes me confident all the time to oneself, always maintaining a kind calm, hold to with unhurried spirit. This is the lubricant that the exam with my depressive be agitated lives, the exam that allows my every time can be faced with comfortable state of mind, each days are opened open one's eyes feel fresh.

With all these of gentle look upon of state of mind, face all these with positive attitude. Be used to the ground to blend in when all these took the life, cannot be what still having solved? Dreamy implementation also can begin to time!
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