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Learn 10 experience of the foreign language
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Learn 10 experience of the foreign language

1. Learn a foreign language one day to also cannot be interrupted, that is afraid of squeeze everyday give it may not be a bad idea 10 minutes. It is the auspicious time that learns a foreign language in the morning, should make full use of especially.

2. If learn be disgusted with, need not continue constrainedly, also do not put down do not learn, can alternate the study method of other and form, if change,listen to recording, see foreign language TV program wait.

3. Do not break away from context absolutely isolated mechanical memorizing.

4. Should be written down at any time and the back is ripe commonly used " sentence cotton padding " , apply mechanically of great exercise.

5. As far as possible " heart interpret " the thing that you contact, be like the advertisement that shine and passes, now and then heard speech. This is one kind rests means, also be manner of a kind of training.

6. Do not see those practices that had altered without the teacher repeatedly, only those affirmation are right thing just be worth to remember well.

7. Excerption and remember " sentence cotton padding " with phrase when, should use singular number the first person. Can develop according to different tense when application.

8. The foreign language is just like blockhouse, must besiege to it from far and near at the same time. Be like: Read newspaper, hear broadcast, watch foreign language film, TV, listen to foreign language lecture, read foreign language reader to wait.

9. Want to dare to talk with the foreign language, do not be afraid of a mistake. When others helps you correct an error, not shy, more not disappointing.

10. Want to be certain oneself can achieve a goal certainly, be certain oneself have the ability of firm perseverance and language respect.

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