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How does the university entrance exam develop horizontal examinee answering ques
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City of peak of Inner Mongolia bare learns Feng Ge of high teacher Hao to remind examinee in the red flag: Answering question should be accomplished " 4 do not move " .

It is not to move restlessly. Before examinee enters examination room, the mood moves restlessly easily; When entering examination room to await answering question, move restlessly easily also. This moment, examinee should be loosened as far as possible, put down all trouble.

2 be not act blindly. After taking examination paper, examinee is not eager to answering question, fill in oneself pertinent information after ending, want to read examination paper from A to Z, act on first easy hind difficult principle, manage clear thinking, orderly answering question, must not blind answering question.

3 it is not excited. After seeing examination questions, no matter still won't answer, not excited. One excited, answer easily complex problem.

4 it is not actuation. Some examination questions can not answer good by impulse, want anatomize title requirement, think seriously, not urgent not impetuous. In the meantime, not by impulse " gnaw a problem forcedly " , want to know, still have a lot of can answer the examination questions that come up is awaiting you to solve.

Mr. Hao Fengge says, want to be answered actively when examinee answering question, think calmly, sturdy confidence, brave sprint, must not anxious.

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