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See a movie learn English experience summary
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See a movie learn English experience summary
I looked to walk along the United States, infatuate English 900, lad is written down etc, now I after seeing so much movie, how to learn English to do a few summary.

1.The characteristic of film study

Above all with respect to the film this kind of subject matter is told, I feel to have its advantage and its limitation, its limitation depends on, the film of an any original, it does not use education language, so its language has very big optional sex, normative, still all sorts of speech adulterate among them, if do not add an analysis, entirely is taken, will naturally roily direction, and with respect to a film character, its setting, the character has certain restriction. A few classical languages teach this respect the advantage that material has it, they covered almost all English setting, but cover a range too wide, the language that causes it is mixed simplier onefold. The advantage of the film is him itself is to want narrate, especially among them character contradiction conflicts, so its language rich and colorful, can true positive and negative mirrors the language in the character's heart, I feel this one part just is the elite of the language. Because language itself applies namely then, of communication. So I feel the film is mixed those teaching material are mutual additional, the subject matter that it is good to still have a bit is the film is very rich, I think besides learn in the film with a few contemporary report practical east, return language of the appreciation in the film that can adapt in a few famous book, be like (Hamlet) . Below I according to thinking, sentence word and speech tripartite face will talk;

2.The thinking of the film

The thinking that I tell is not the sort of too high to reach, what the culture with those distinctive American, with thinking habit, I can not wait for count 10 years in the United States, the thinking that I tell is a person the think of a way that behaves in the dialog, still have the thinking kind that reflects in the sort of dialog, this I feel and we talk at ordinary times same, in us at ordinary times in conversation, I think the person's dialog has two kinds of kind, one kind is pure you are nodded in expressive view, someone else is in those who listen to you basically, insert interrupt just, still one is plant is two individual give tit for tat, we hear the conversation of this two people, lack any not complete. We want how to undertake effectively communicating below the words condition of Chinese, for example in my classmate, like to hit with respect to somebody say like emmagee a long time, we can think this person eloquence is good, but come down to ask audience, sometimes audience was not understood, take a look at all even, what does such communication have to use? Said with English like you a long time, but What Is The Point? This ability is the most important, the dialog of this respect is equivalent to the film even soliloquy is same, its language is certain and indirect and have, sometimes the language of receiver is in namely a connecting link between the preceding and the following, instigate word source, achieve the goal of communication. For example in graduate, this is in this locality in restaurant, hesitant language, adding madam of collect guest abdicate to insert the language that take is this kind. It is like the 2nd kind of give tit for tat, you can connect contact in advertent dialog, you say I go up then sentence say you, this uses the language in the dialog namely, the join in their language is nodded even if glitter is nodded. Because film is medium,be at the same time flower the dialog between beauty, can letting us see them is how to convey those who unite each idea and disposition, we take couple of abdicate of the Robin in graduate to be exemple, the language of gentleman of collect guest abdicate from he and this two talks can see, it is drunk for the first time teach indulge in pleasures in time originally, be in the 2nd times this in the dialog in the apartment that rent, see this person ' empty ' come, it is to take two words a run on a bank first this, "Where do I displease you, I was done is the thing that allows your look down upon " blur next see this grasping wear fist comes over, jump to say again: Our Christian, not need is so cloddish! " , madam of collect guest abdicate is in and in this that one talk in the evening, also can see her accident, basically do not have a bit conventional phrases, right cherish word is like gold, lose normal state till the ability when speaking of a daughter, these clues are how unripe activation, how the life with us is adjacent, next we can think again, encounter the sort of situation, we can be made why to react, when you think of saying Chinese, it is to make him experience bit richer, turning to English, drilled Chinese Anglophobia, oppose the language that push according to the character's thinking even, go contrasting again.
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