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Eye of a list of names posted up of 08 Number One Scholar communicates Zhejiang
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Jin Jie of reporter of our newspaper of not care at all of reporter Zhao not care at all

The university entrance exam this year just ended morning paper question before long, new Gao Sansheng people should prepare to set out again. What problem should high school study note? Does division of unity and coherence in writing review each what to method there is? How to hold the sprint phase with final the university entrance exam? Yesterday morning, morning paper invited Zhejiang to save 4 of the university entrance exam high component are unripe this year, it is on the network " new Gao Sansheng " solved these problems with parents.

This year in the university entrance exam, chen Kun of the middle school that press down the sea visits science department completely with carrying off 703 minutes the first; The town learns the 2nd to make clever birch visit science department completely with carrying off 701 minutes in the sea; Rainbow of Qianyi of middle school of He Chunan of leisurely of Deng of smooth lake middle school saves liberal art completely with standing side by side 649 minutes the 2nd. Be reviewed about the university entrance exam and the problem such as method of each scientific be used to, the answer of these 4 high component examinee is obvious the most convincing.

Each course has review skill

Netizen wet: Reviewing time finally inside, want to raise Chinese achievement to seem not quite actual, want to ask, how should be final phase Chinese reviewed?

Qian Yihong: Use time of a class to do 14 choices in front to inscribe in the morning everyday, arrange the thing of and so on of word word, punctuation, faulty wording or formulation with trifling time, the word that has time reads a few beautiful article everyday, keep bit of beautiful sign paragraph.

Netizen ah silent: I want to ask, what skill does writing article have? I most the article style that is afraid of batch of teachers that coil not to like his. Have a few general technique?

Deng leisurely: The word that uses our teacher says, want " the composition base area that builds oneself " . Specific for, structure of the style of stylistic, language that should find oneself to be good at, composition, and the experience that there should be oneself in the composition, thought. If everybody uses general technique, be can be you buried to be in hundred thousands of examination paper? Composition or need have bit of individual distinguishing feature.

Netizen ah silent: When doing maths to inscribe excuse me, what method to have to you can be on choice title raise correct rate?

Chen Kun: This also is the problem that I once baffled. How to say? Be not squeezed in choosing a topic take time, want firm, not random. Especially before a few, when just comparing insecurity into examination room, more want meticulous, not flurried, do not beg painstakingly fast, want to have oneself rate that solve a problem.

Deng leisurely: Some choices title does not need step-by-step computation to be able to be used so called " opportunistic " law, for instance era enters division of law, special value standard, platoon, draw to wait.
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