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Read a teacher experience: Should try a composition these places lose cent the m
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In of the university entrance exam should try composition title to belong to open mode mostly, pertinent and easy, but run the title is light also. Composition of great majority examination paper is put in such and such problem, read a teacher to sum up 5 big questions.

Problem material of deviate of one theme conception

The proposition that should try a composition a little is belonged to " write a composition to material " , requirement examinee contacts place to undertake a composition to material. It changes to come to what composition of the university entrance exam uses a few years continuously " the topic writes a composition " form, accordingly, of assume sth as a matter of course of a lot of examinee will this year " write a composition to material " write into " the topic writes a composition " , in composition conception respect, broke away from the implied meaning of the poetry that place of the stuff in the title gives out completely, it may be said " begin to write or paint 1000 character, excursive 10 thousand lis " . This is to cause the examinee composition with a lot of good aptitude for writing to notch a not tall main reason.

Problem be just empty verbiage of example of 2 load one's writing with fancy phrases

The composition of the university entrance exam this year is very big one part examinee wrote argumentative writing, and in the composition in a lot of examinee, often sufficient word number chooses the example of the choice, argument, many argument belong to an an administrative levels, category on formally, content, without organic connection, some lacks inevitable connection with argument itself even, this makes the issue that the composition of examinee shows empty, be just empty verbiage and inadequacy. "Say oneself word, him express affection " , so main demand is very much examinee is not done.

Problem 3 understanding are peripheral keep the face

Composition title composes ability besides what inspect examinee besides, still inspect examinee to know the problem, capacity that ponders over a problem. Report of a lot of exam paper goes out, examinee just still stays at exterior phenomenon to the acknowledge of material, understand even for a few sides that allow a person to be between tears and smiles, this kind of composition is not individual phenomenon in the university entrance exam this year.

4 detail respect throws the question cent is serious

Besides above when, a lot of examinee lose cent is very " treat unjustly " , as a result of,basically be of examinee " regardless of trival matters " cause. For instance paragraph is not divided, original well composition, however from A to Z one chunk, lost definition and administrative levels sense, nature can lose cent. Still have like punctuation mark one " funny " or one " sentence " after all, illegible, a variant form of a Chinese character mixes leakage headline, handwriting to be fabricated non-standardly, coin word is full of an article, the word counts inadequacy to wait to also can lose injustice cent.
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