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Mr. Wang Liu exceeds strong spoken language to forecast: Additional, the classmate asks me colloquial content is too much, but classmate of the 2nd part can be checked with getting online, take an exam to have 40 or so every time, cannot narrow so limits. This is the trend of the exam, the problem of possible exceptional fellow student is absent forecast range. The level is finite, ask excuse me.

Referenced teaching material: Colloquial vocabulary: The 807 elegant phraseology that think of a mouth collect Wang Liu

Model essay: Have a verbal battle with of witticism in rapid succession takes an examination of an official

P.S. Advertisement (2 minutes of card are stated) with age issue (the first part) want to notice

Good Luck To You.

Problem of convention of the first part

Ask fellow students ten million of ten million ten million wants Carefully to prepare. Cover 95% examination paper.









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Living Place

Where Are You Living Now?

Do You Like Your Living Environment?

Is It Good Or Bad For Children?

Is There Anything For Improvement?

New People

Do You Like Meeting New People? Why?

Please Tell Me About An Interesting Person You Know Recently?




Do You Like Taking Photos?

On What Kind Of Situations Do You Take Photos?

Could You Tell Me One Of Your Happy Experiences Of Taking Photos?


What Do You Do In Your Leisure Time?

What Relaxation Do People Around You Like?

What Kind Of Activities Do People Of Your Country Do For Relaxation?

Why Do People Need Leisure?


What Housework Do You Like And Dislike?


Do You Like Drawing?

What Are The Benefits Of Drawing?

What Are The Benefits Of Drawing For Adults?


What Transportation Is Popular In Your Hometown?


Which Is Most Important To You, breakfast, lunch Or Supper?

Do You Think We Should Have More Meals Or Have Much At One Meal?


When Did You Begin To Read Newspaper?

What ' S The Difference Between Chinese Newspapers?


When Do People Send Gifts In China?

What Did You Give And Receive?

What Gifts Are Popular In China?

What Have You Given To Others And Who Did You Send Gifts To?


Is Weekend Important To People?

What Do People Do On Weekend?

Do You Think People Should Be Asked To Work On Weekends?
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