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Examine mailbox everyday these days, discovered this seals the post that the classmate of a Shandong keeps last summer suddenly, the case of this spoken language that she says is very typical, my here cento extract. Actually I do not know the sexual distinction of this classmate, nevertheless she says her a person shops, I am guessed should be a schoolgirl.

A thing makes me very abashed. The day before yesterday a person shops, hungry midday went Kendeji. The person is very much at that time, have place hardly, discover an empty table only a long time, but on the side stood the foreigner is preparing to sit down. I want to ask he has his person only, if be me whether sit down. I am hungry at that time urgent, went saying on sentence: "Only You? " his arris, guess my meaning probably, extend 3 say with finger: "Three! " I think 4 people sit very crowded, went away. Want to jump over more later at odds, that: "Only You? " honest too bad, and let me think of the Tang Dynasty monk. The teacher if I encounter this kind of situation again, should ask " have your person only? " or " excuse me you a few people? " how should convey.

This fellow student is very careful really, encounter such problem to be able to put forward. Tell the truth nevertheless, the first inquiry of I or hope student says with Chinese, reoccupy English expression will be more courteous after affirming Chinese of the other side is bad. It if can change a few kinds of foreign languages more,explore is better to if can change a few kinds of foreign languages more,explore.

I give everybody a few sentences as the choice, of course, such as can put before these sentences " Excuse Me " , " I Am Wondering " such sentence:

Are You Alone?

Would You Like Some Company?

Does everybody think which sentence is right?

It is the 2nd sentence of course. The first sentence can be used in bar do the ambiguous sentence that greets sb with the opposite sex.

What a moment ago said is this foreigner when sitting down. Still have a kind of case, if the other side had sat in seat to go up, we can ask the other side has a few people on one hand, nevertheless still a kind of view can point to room to say: "Is This Seat Saved/taken? " or " May I Seat Here? " or " May I Seat Here??

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